Like a Child

So, lately I’ve been pretty tired.  Anya is usually awake when Grace is napping and Grace usually wakes Anya up when she is napping so my life has been somewhat hectic lately as a mother of two.  Our apartment is pretty much always a mess and sometimes I feel like I just barely make it through a day and then we’re into the start of another one!  Where does time go?  With all that being said I don’t want that to keep me from writing down the cute little sayings and doings of my little ones because they are so precious.  Anya is sleeping peacefully in her swing at the moment which is allowing me this brief little interlude write my thoughts.

Anya has begun her second month of life in this world.  She coos happily and smiles at me often now which fills my heart up with pride and joy.  Sometimes I’ll be busy doing something and I’ll turn around to check on her in her “rainforest” swing and I catch her smiling at me.  So sweet!   I can’t say enough at how much lighter I feel when I see her sweet blue eyes tracking me across the room or looking at me contentedly as I change her dirty diaper.  She’s been somewhat clingy as a baby and by clingy I mean like a little monkey because Anya does not like to be put down.  This is especially difficult when I am preparing dinner and trying to get Gracie girl to bed.  I find that I get discouraged easily.  I don’t remember Grace being like that and so it’s a bit of an adjustment for me along with getting used to having two little one’s around.  But then I remember that this time is so brief and soon Anya will be sleeping peacefully through the night and all these early discouragements will be a distant memory.  So I try to enjoy the moments of her sweet smiles and coos and the cozy little snuggles that I can now before she’s a squirmy little bug running around our house  like Grace.  Anya has already outgrown a lot of her baby clothes too, she’s definitely putting on the pounds.  I love her sweet little rolls on her legs and her cute little pot belly.  At two months she is healthy and thriving.  We had a slight scare with her early when she came down with a cold and was coughing loudly.  As a mom, I would cringe every time she would cough.  I hate the thought that being so small she was coping with a nasty bug so early.  God has been merciful and brought her out of it quickly and all the while Anya was happy and sweet, not a fuss to be heard during the entire time.  I wonder if this is a sneak preview into the window of her personality as a young woman someday.

Grace is 18 months old!  She is non stop too!  Also, the terrible two’s seem to have hit us early because every day I am disciplining her and she is not liking it.  One of my sweet sister’s in law told me while I was pregnant with her that if she looked anything like me and acted anything like her daddy that she would be a little spit fire.  Well she definitely is a spit fire for sure!  Her little will is strong and she shows it often.  I find myself constantly praying for wisdom in knowing how to teach and admonish her.  Sometimes I wonder if I am making any dent but she seems to be learning because I’ll tell her “Grace, look at mommy, I tell you no because…. yadadayada….say yes mommy” and she sweetly replies “mommy!”  Cuddle moments are often brief and rare but just the other day I had her on my lap and I was singing to her and as I finished singing she would look up at me, put her hands together and say “mew! mew!” which translates “more!’  I loved that!  I couldn’t  tell you how much joy that gave me, that she would sit quietly and listen to my voice and then want to hear more…not that my singing is anything great, but I just loved that she loved it!

I love being a mom.  I love knowing that these two beautiful girls were given to me straight from the heart of God, that He created and molded them and then sought to bless my life with theirs.  I pray constantly that God would use them to further His kingdom and that someday they too would call upon His name and know Him as Savior, friend, and Father.  Amen.  I am thankful for this time of life and I cherish each moment because I know God is using it to shape me too.  Jesus said that unless we become like little children, we could not enter the kingdom of heaven.  I pray He would make me more and more like a little child.  Loving, trusting, and eargerly wanting “mew” of mommy and daddy…after all, HE is My ‘daddy.’


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