A Fresh Start

Good morning!  I know I probably seem pretty cheerful this morning and I’m sure this comes as a shock to those who know me.  Lately I have been so tired I don’t have any energy to even smile.  But last night Anya slept through the night and I am THRILLED!  This winter has been a tough one.  Anya has been  battling colds from the time she was just a month old.  We’re just getting over a recent cough and respiratory bug and I think that has been keeping her up at night, mostly because of coughing fits and probably discomfort from all the mucus draining in the back of her throat she struggles to get up.  Well, I suppose when you are sleep deprived and eager to help your baby recover, you’ll try just about anything.  My mother-in-law is very knowledgeable in the way of  herbs.  Just a few days ago she suggested a vitamin C, Elderberry, and Echinacea regimen for Anya. I started giving them to her right away and they seem to have really helped her.  Last night was the first night she’s slept soundly the entire night for a very long time.  She did have a few coughing spells still and I woke waiting to hear her cry, but she never did.  As a mom thoughts run through your mind like “is she still breathing?”  And so, when the coughing subsided I snuck into her room at 5 in the morning only to discover her sleeping peacefully.  So, those herbs are pretty much awesome.  I definitely support boosting the immune system with elements God created to help us naturally.  It seems our society is too eager to run to medicine and drugs way before it is ready to try a natural remedy first.

Anya is going to be four months on April 9.  Already she holds her head confidently and enjoys playing in her excersaucer as well as her little play gym that lies on our floor.  I love seeing her bat at the toys that hang from it.  Over this past weekend August and I finally moved her crib into Grace’s room.  I was delaying do that because I was fretting over Anya waking Grace up and vice versa.  So far, that has only happened once when I had to let Anya cry herself to sleep.  I hardly do that, but I knew she was not hungry because I had just fed her and changed her.  I was so tired and weary that when I was trying to rock her to sleep I felt my legs were going to give way out from under me.  So Grace and Anya now share a room and I love it.  I love that I can keep them safe and warm in their own little beds and shut the door behind me to block out any noise that might disturb them.  Incase any of you don’t know, we live in a tiny apartment.  There is only one room.  So, after Anya was born she just slept out in the big room with us, which was fine because infants usually sleep so much that nothing disturbed her.  As she was growing bigger, she was becoming more and more sensitive to sound disturbances.  I broke down and asked my husband to set up  her crib.  That was the best decision ever.  For all you moms out there who are worried about your children sleeping together and disturbing one another, I say you should not worry.  It seems Anya and Grace are becoming aware of each others noises and are accepting it beautifully.  Although, they are girls and girls seem to be a little easier to handle.  Regardless, I say if it means more sleep for mom, do it!

Grace is going to be 20 months next month.  She is becoming very proficient at speaking and telling us things she would like and of course, things she does not like as well.  I absolutely love talking with her and knowing she understands everything I say…well mostly every thing.  Her voice is precious.  She’s getting pretty good at repeating things I say now which means I have to be careful at what I say.  As a child, my parents were constantly fighting and none of them really had much to say about the other that was good.  I don’t want that for my children.  I want to affirm my husband and I want my children to know that we love each other and support each other.   I love my husband and he has given me two beautiful jewels.  Just the other day Grace looked at me and said “hug!”  She then proceeded to open her arms and come up to me and squeeze my legs.  I scooped her up in my arms, kissed her, and hugged her and felt I could never let go.  Children are precious and I believe they are keen at discerning the hearts of those around them. I was having a little bit of a difficult day and Grace sensed that.  Her hug meant more to me than anything anyone could ever give me.

I do get very busy, but with that said I don’t want that to stop me from recording the sweet little doings and sayings of my little ones.  Here are just a few things Grace says now.

“doo dirl!” this means “good girl” and she’ll often say it when she is upset and needs some comfort.

“Oh wa to” this means “I love you.”

“bye bye”


“wa wa” this means “color.”  she loves to draw!

“eeeah mew”  I think she’s saying “I want more”

“one, two”  she is learning to count.

“boo” the color blue.  So far every color she sees is blue.

“binket” this means “blanket.”

She also uses the same word for “binkie”

Grace also can read her  letters!  We have Alpha Books that have each letter on their cover and then inside is a picture beginning with the letter on the cover.  She can say all of them when reading them.  Also, we have magnetized letters that stick on our fridge and she will often pick one out and bring it to me and tell me what letter it is!  Amazing!

Those are just a few things she says.

Anya is beginning to make “ahh goo” noises.  She also blows bubbles and gurgles sweet baby noises.  The voices of my children are the most beautiful noises on this earth to me.  I cherish them.