Squeak, Bubble, and Duck Duck

I just finished my first assignment for the Institute of Children’s Literature.  I am beginning this new venture with the goal in mind of becoming a published author for writing children’s books.  This first assignment dealt with observing a picture and creating a story based on that picture.  I have lots of inspiration at hand.  My two beautiful daughters.  This first story I wrote about was a little bear who does not like to take baths.   After having lots of delicious honey for dinner, momma bear took this little bear and his older brother upstairs for a bath because they were extremely messy.  My characters, Squeak and Bubble, have different views on the bath.  Bubble was created with a boisterous personality and my daughter Grace is from whom this character stems.  She absolutely, whole heartedly LOVES bubble baths.  In fact she can’t get enough of them.  When I try to take her out of the bath, she protests wildly shaking her head and says “NOOOO!”  Bubble is Squeak’s older brother.  Now Squeak takes on a slightly different personality.  As a child, I did not like bath time.  I was always too busy playing and baths meant I would be clean and groomed and that would make me girly!  I was a tom boy.  My two brothers would not tolerate clean and groomed and so neither did I.  Baths took to long to take anyways.  So squeak is of this mindset.  He does not like baths.  All in all, Bubble encourages Squeak and both end up having fun in the bath afte all.   I love writing and I hope and pray this course will be successful and that I WILL be published.  It is a fantasy of mine that moms will be reading my bedtime stories to their children.  How fun would that be?   This is only the beginning.  I’m sure it will be challenging.  But, I like challenges.

Anya just fell asleep while playing in her play gym on the floor right in front of me.  How cute is that?  I wish I could be so at peace that I could fall asleep like that and it didn’t matter where I was.  Maybe I should take this time to go back to bed myself.  Trouble is, now I am wired.  Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep and take a nap later.  Hopefully.  I still have tons of laundry to do and our apartment needs cleaning.  There is always so much to do.  I feel that I can barely keep up sometimes.  I just have to keep reminding myself that right now, my children take priority.  A clean house can come later.   I don’t want to be a distracted mom.  Yesterday evening Grace woke from her nap and was a little fussy.  After taking care of anya (feeding, burping and changing) I put  her down somewhere safe and grabbed some books.  Grace and I sat down and snuggled together.  She loves to read with me.  Anya ended up napping for like 3 hours so this gave me lots of one on one time with Grace.  We read, ate dinner together, and then I gave Grace a bubble bath.  Afterward, she was definitely ready for  bed, so I put her down.  It’s amazing how much she calms down when I spend time with her.  Isn’t that true of all of us?  We are just hungry for love and attention.   Ummm, do we know how much our Father in Heaven loves us and is pursuing to spend time with us?  He is the perfect parent.  I’m the one who gets busy and distracted and then forgets to listen.  Parents, just know that God does love us.  He watches over us, guards us, guides us, LOVES us, and seeks to bring us closer to Him.  Wouldn’t any child love to have a parent who was focused on them 100 percent of the time?

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.”  John 13:34.

I want to love my children like that.  Not that any of this comes from myself, because in and of myself I am a fallen individual.  I want my children to know that God’s love abides in me.  In return I desire for that love to spill out of my cup and into theirs.  It is a prayer of  mine that my children will know they are loved by God.  I know they will make mistakes, but I know God holds them as well.  Parents, get in God’s word for the sake of your children!  I say this to myself mostly.  I am always amazed at the peace and serenity I feel after emersing myself in God’s word.  It really is living.  This peace then pervades my day and my children sense that and behave peacefully themselves.

So anyways, those are my thoughts.  This is a new chapter of life.  Pursuing scripture eagerly and writing for my children.