Mommy Times Two

Yesterday was mother’s day.  I spent my second mother’s day with family quietly and peacefully at home.  It is awesome to be a mother.  I can remember when I was younger how I would often ponder to myself what motherhood was like.  Well, it’s nothing like I expected.  You hear a lot of horror stories.  Please just listen, motherhood is nothing at all like those stories you hear.  It is blissful.  I have never felt so loved or at peace in my entire life.  All the striving of daily life ceases when I look into to the four little blue eyes that belong to my precious daughters.  Yes most of my time is spent with them, teaching them, disciplining them, laughing with them, loving them, snuggling with them and sometimes getting frustrated at them, but honestly, this is all I’ve ever wanted.  I love being a mom.  I love that I am available to them when most moms in the US are either forced to work or work because they can’t stand the thought of being home.  I love being with them knowing that here at home I am loved and needed.  How flattering it is to walk around our wood floors hearing my almost two year old say, “mommy, up peez!”  I remember being young and loving to be with my mom no matter what.  I loved rubbing my hand over her soft arms while sucking my thumb, I remember following her around wherever she would go.  I remember waking up from naps and the first thing I wanted to do was find mommy.  Now it’s my turn.  Now I’m the one who is followed, pet, and longed for.  The love of a child really is the sweetest and purest kind of love.  No wonder Christ says we must become like little children before entering the Kingdom of Heaven.  To children, all they want be is with their own.   So happy second mother’s day to me!  Happy mother’s day to my wonderful mother too who certainly helped mold me into the kind of mother I am today by always being there for me when I needed her.