The Joys of Teething

So my seven month old infant girl is in the process of teething.  She has already done well with her two bottom teeth but at seven months now she is beginning to break in her top two teeth.  She is not handling the pain very well at all.  For almost two weeks now, or what seems like an eternity to me, she has been extremely fussy, not napping well, and she has also been waking in the midnight hours every four hours or so.  That means I am constantly trying to comfort her and at night am waking with her to give her another dose of tylenol or mortrin.  I feel that my attempts at comforting her or getting her back on somewhat of a good schedule are failing horribly!  So in an attempt to figure out how to bring her relief, I am going to write about the things that work and the things that don’t work.

So far I have been alternating giving her children’s tylenol and children’s motrin.  This seems to work pretty well.  The only problem is I hate the idea of pumping her full of chemicals.  But do I out weigh that in return for the relief it brings her?  Being a sleep deprived mommy and fully exasperated by not knowing how long this is going to go on for I would say yes.  But something inside of me still says  no.  I am looking for a dye free tylenol.  This would at least minimize the effects of harmful things such as red 40 which is a known carcinogen.  The tylenol seems to be more effective than the motrin.  A close friend suggested this to me after telling me that motrin has little or no effect for her.  I didn’t even think to think of that for my little girl.  It seems it is true because she slept for a solid three hours during the day after giving it to her.  So the quest is to find dye-free tylenol.  Will it be cheap?  Probably not.  But I think I’m willing to pay the price for the sake of a little rest for myself.

I’ve also heard frozen teething toys or frozen fruit.  The teething toys work great but they don’t say cool for very long.  Thus, I am constantly rotating them out of the freezer. She does seem to love a frozen wash cloth to chew on.

She is not napping well  at all and I know she is tired.  My first child was so easy.  I rarely gave her any medication because she handled the teething well.  She slept well, she ate well, and she was overall just pretty content.  My second is the total opposite.  She hates teething and it is upsetting her napping schedule.  Last night she did not go to bed until after 9pm because of it.  I think she finally fell asleep because she was obviously so worn out.  It seemed the more I tried to do to comfort her the more she would fuss.  Am I a failure???  This is the question that often runs through my mind!  Having the screaming child in my arms makes me feel so helpless!

So today I am going to go shopping.  I just feel the need to get out of the house a little bit.  Perhaps some visual distraction will help her ignore teething.  Here are the things I am going to try.

1.  Look for dye-free tylenol

2.  Buy bananas and give them to her frozen like I read on someone elses blog.

3.  Freeze teething toys like crazy!

4.  Buy orajel.

5.  Find chamomile to rub on her gums.

When the list runs out and she still has no relief I will then race over to my bed, grab my pillow, stuff my face in it and scream as loud as I can.

The end.

Tired, exhausted, frustrated mother signing off.


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