I Got My Baby Back!

Last night was THE first night in over two weeks that Anya slept through the night.  I got ten beautiful, peaceful, and restful hours of sleep last night.  She even woke up happy and was content to lay next to me in bed as I nursed her.  The sweet gurgles, coos, and ya ya’s were a warm welcome to my ears after all of the crying and screaming I heard in the last two weeks.   Could the teething finally be over?  I feel like holding my breath.  I feel like jumping for joy.  A mixture of feelings and emotions fill my internal being and I’m not quite sure what to make of them.  My happy sweet little girl is back!

So what helped my daughter get through teething?  Tylenol at bedtime.  Chilled teething rings and washcloths during the day and surprisingly, vanilla rubbed on her gums.  I bought orajel, but was highly let down by reading the ingredients.  I don’t want dyes.  I don’t want sucralose.  Sucralose is the undercover name for Splenda.  Artificial sweeteners are never good no matter what form they are in.  Why does a baby need sweetners anyways?  We are always being told that we don’t need to add sweetners to food because we want to teach baby to develop a healthy eating pattern.  Yes, it might help them accept medication easier….but don’t fake me out by saying that artifical sweeteners are safe.  I’m sorry, I just don’t want chemicals for my baby.  So boo for orajel.

Sometimes, I had to just let Anya cry herself to sleep.  It would seem the more I would try to comfort her and rock her to sleep at night time and bed time, the more I would aggravate her.  Perhaps it was because I was so tense.  If you can stay relaxed then go ahead.  It was more beneficial for me to just let her be.  I love my child.  I know she was cared for and it is not often that I let her do that so I felt she was O.K.

Being a mom is definitely challenging.  So much time is given of oneself to care for little ones.  It can be discouraging.  It is definitely tiresome.  But, it is SO rewarding having known how  much hard work goes into caring for your child when you see how happy they are in the end.  So for all those moms out there who feel like giving up (like I did even just a few days ago), for all those moms who feel like they aren’t going to make it because they feel like zombies….hold on!  Don’t get discouraged when people tell you ‘it won’t last forever,’ or ‘hang in there,’ really…just hang in there because it really doesn’t last forever.

So all in all, i feel happy.  I feel awake and that ‘s the biggest thing!  My baby is back.  My happy, cooing, playful, energetic little girl is done teething…at least for now.

Happy and rested mommy signing off.


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