Anya is On the Move!

Hey there again.

So, I’m not too good about writing every single day.  Usually, just as I do with a journal, I’ll write whenever I get a chance to sit down and relax, which is usually not very often considering I’m now chasing around two children.  Yesterday, August 4, 2010, Anya Christine took her first steps of crawling!  It was so adorable.  Grace and I were over visiting August’s parents when she started to do it.  They got to see her first little movements too!  How special!   As a young mom it brings me joy to see another child of mine taking steps to becoming more independent.  It seems like it was yesterday I was holding Anya for the first time after an awesome delivery.  Wasn’t it just yesterday when I was seeing her sleep soundly and beautifully in my arms for the first time?  At almost 8 months she is crawling to objects she wants to hold.  She is on to making discoveries to fill her little brain with new wonders.  As wonderful and exciting as this is I know my life will be extra busy.  Not only will I be chasing my two year old around, now I’ll also be chasing Anya around!  Life is busy.  Why not fill it up with children?  I feel that I am investing my life and giving them a love that will literally last for an eternity.  I’d rather be busy with my precious daughters than working just for a pay check.  Anyways.  That’s that.  Anya’s crawling!!!


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