Precious Children

I can not say just how much I love my girls.  From Anya’s sweet gurgles and coos to Grace’s giggles and toddler sentences like “momma, need help!”  when she wants my help and attention.  Here are some photos of my loves.

Just last weekend August and I took the girls on their first real off-roading experience. This is at the top Bother's Knob. It was so foggy and gray. But Grace loved it.

Usually Anya wakes up pretty early in the mornings. Unlike her sister, she will not go back to sleep if I lay her in bed next to me to nurse. So I usually would put her down on the floor to play before she was crawling so that I could get a little more shut eye. Well, I started to wonder why it was so quiet. I looked down and found her sleeping like this! So cute. I love it! I could't help but race, but quietly race, to get the camera before she woke up.


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