2 a.m. thoughts

Currently my eight month old is sick.  It has progressed from slight fussiness on Wednesday to running a high temperature Thursday and Friday nights.  I feel so helpless sometimes.  All I can do is dose her up with Tylenol and try to keep her comfortable while sleeping but I can’t help but pray from my inner most being that God will protect her little body.  I find myself jumping to the worst conclusions!  Why is she sick?  Where did she get this from?  Is it something serious?!  Should I take to the E.R.? Her temperature spikes mostly in the evening.  Usually it reads 103 or 104.  Thursday  night I ended up calling the pediatrician on call and he told me to that if her fever did not subside within the hour to take her to the hospital.  This was at 2 a.m. when I was walking the floor with her because the only way she would sleep was upright on me.  Once again, it is 2 a.m. and at least she has gone back to sleep.  That brings me a little hope that perhaps she is on the mend since she’s not acting as upset as last night.  But still I pray.

Lord Jesus I rest in you.  Protect my little girl and give me the wisdom needed for caring for her.  I trust You.  I love You.  I pray you will bring healing soon.

I find myself whispering this over and over.  As the sickness moves through our little family I am reminded how much we are truly in God’s hands.  We are fragile.  But God is strong.  I will cling to that!

Weary mother signing off.


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