Daddy’s little girl

This morning in the quiet and rather dark 6 a.m. hour, August and I heard a little voice.  That voice so sweetly came from our little 10 month old, Anya.  What was she saying?  “Daaaadaaaa.”  Out of exhaustion and with groggy eyes I turned over and looked at August.  He heard it too.  We looked at each other and smiled!  Anya was saying Daddy’s name.  She wanted to get out of bed and she was calling for her Dada.  Precious!  My little girl has a few first words already.  Here are just a few…

“No.”  This was her FIRST word.

“Hiii!”  she knows how to say hello.

“Uh oh.”  She mostly says this when she pushes something off her high chair and it crashes to the floor.

“Nah nah.”  “Night night.”  She’ll repeat it to herself when I lay her down for bed.

“Da Da!”  DADDY!

I am continually amazed at how sharp she is.  She is very alert and takes in everything.  So, my little baby is talking.


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