The day I stepped into the realm of love

It was this day three years ago that I celebrated the best day of my life.  I remember waking up anxiously and in anticipation as I waited to meet my groom and see his face again.  Much of the day was spent in preparation.  I remember not even feeling nervous as I spent time having my hair pinned and curled.  It wasn’t until the clock struck 12:00 p.m that my heart began pound, just a little.  I rushed to the church and met my bridesmaids.  We had exactly one hour to get ready before walking down the aisle.

A few minutes before walking time,  my sweet mother helped me pull my dress over my head.  Its’ heavy fabric cascaded down my waist and I felt the delicate crinoline and gauze tickle my ankles.  I felt so feminine. I was the center of attention.  Once dressed, my three sweet friends and a cousin who I consider to be a best friend gathered around me and we spent the final moments in prayer.  I have never felt so loved or cherished.   My thoughts wandered to what my groom was doing.  What was he feeling.  Was he nervous? My heart jumped and fluttered as we began to walk to the place where I would meet my beloved Grandpa and I would walk to meet my best friend for life.  As the girls gathered my train, I felt like Guinevere surrounded by her ladies in waiting at the royal court.  How beautiful!

We lined up.  One by one my bridesmaids left and walked down the aisle to wait for me.  As Grandpa and I stood together, his deep and gentle voice brought me peace.  “You look beautiful, sweet heart.”  He said.  Oh how I LOVE Grandpa.

As the doors opened my eyes met with my handsome soon to be husband.  I almost burst into tears right there!  Not of grief or sadness, but of pure joy and excitement.  I had waited so long to find this man!  Now I had and I was walking the steps toward him proclaiming with each step that I was going to commit myself to him.  I would stick by him no matter what.  I would always love him.  I would always honor him.  At the end of the aisle, Grandpa gathered my veil and cast it over my head and pulled it down behind my shoulders.  He kissed me sweetly on the cheek and I finally grabbed the hand of  August Napotnik.  We stood together finally.  As we listened to Bill Leach perform the marriage ceremony I remember one thing.  I had never felt SO beautiful.  I had never felt SO loved.  I had never felt SO thankful for the grace of God and how he had brought me to this man.  Despite all of  my failings and shortcomings, THIS man chose me.  This man pursued me.  This man wanted to show me a picture of God’s love for the rest of my life!  How gloriously my heart sang!  Thank you God!

Three years later I still sing and praise God for bringing me to that man.  August Napotnik is my wonderful husband and today is our anniversary.  Three years of growing, forgiving, loving, and honoring have brought us even closer than we were that day.  I celebrate our life together and thank God that He saw fit to see us as ONE.  I love August with all my heart and he esteems me.  I feel like a queen in his palace.  God blesses us greatly and although we have gone through some bumps (one because he is an ornery Austrian and I am a rebel Scot) I have never felt so close to anyone.  August knows me better than I know myself and God uses him daily to sharpen me and show me more of His love.  I love you sweet man of mine!


One thought on “The day I stepped into the realm of love

  1. I love you KC Napotnik. I love your posts and I love that you got to see a rainbow on our third wedding anniversary. I can’t wait until I can afford to buy you a house you can call your own! Its all for you sweet woman. Thank you for being the best mother, wife, friend, soul mate, lover and fellow heir to Christ’s glorious kingdom! I love you sweet Kelli!

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