A Week of Celebrations

This week my grandparents are visiting from California.  I hardly ever see them because they live so far away.  The last time I had seen them was when August and I flew out with Grace, who was only 7 months old at the time.  Wow.  Where does time go?  I remember sitting down to dinner with them one evening and announcing that we were pregnant with Anya, who is now almost a year old!  Yesterday they met her for the first time since that announcement.  Now, here she is eating yogurt with me this morning and saying things like, “dadadada,” and “sooweee” (translated means sorry).  We sat down together for dinner once again and it was just a little surreal having two children in highchairs at the restaurant-this time we were not announcing another little one. 🙂

So today we are going to be driving to New Market and I plan to spend the whole day there. This week I will probably do that several times.  Thursday will be dinner with August’s family and then Saturday we will celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.  Sunday, I plan to have a small birthday party for Anya so that grandma and grandpa can be apart of it.   I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already here.  I can’t believe Anya is going to be a year old!  So, this week will definitely be a good long week with lots of celebrating and family gatherings.  I just love it.


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