Christmas Creations

So today during the girls nap I decided to get crafty.  I absolutely loved doing these little projects as it allowed me to relax and have some me time.  I used to do things like this a lot but alas time is short nowadays so it is rare that I can snag a moment like this one.

A few days ago my sweet mother-in-law bought me a grapevine wreath because I had said in passing that I wanted to buy a real wreath just so I could smell the fresh pine.  After being delightfully surprised by this small gift I took to the outdoors and carefully selected a gorgeous pine.  I then cut a handful of branches to make my little creation.  It was so easy.  To make the wreath, all you do is insert some of the branches underneath the grapevines and then tie some of them down with bailing twine (or something thinner if you like).  After wrapping the branches around the wreath I then grabbed some lavender from the herb garden and decorated it as I pleased.  I am so thankful for a generous mother-in-law who just wanted to indulge my desires of making something crafty.  Thank you Leah!

I then wanted to make the red decorative paper flower to be the finishing touch, which you see in the photo above.  I originally got this idea from the Better Homes and Gardens magazine and they used felt.  I didn’t have felt but I did have this brown paper down in the garage.  So that’s what I used.

To begin draw two circles, one larger and one smaller.  I colored the smaller circle using PrismaColors® colored pencils.  They are simply the best and work well for blending colors, which is what I did.

Next, cut out the circles (large and small) and glue the colored circle to the large uncolored one.Once glued, pinch from one side like you are going to fold it completely in half.  Fold until only one side is squeezed.


Repeat this process until all five circles are folded in a similar fashion.  I used five because that is the amount of petals I wanted in my decorative flower.

You then will glue each petal together by pasting the glue to each side of the back of the petal.  Hold together for a minute to allow the glue to set.  It was a little difficult to keep the flower completely flat once all the petals were together, so I very simply cut out a little square and glued the flower down onto it.  (You should not see this at all from the front of the flower).

To make an ornament out of it that would hang in the center of my wreath, I glued the paper raffia to the back.  When all was said and done I was very pleased with it!

Here is the final product.

So beautiful!  So much fun!


Here are just a few more photos of little creations I have done to bring in a little Christmas cheer to our apartment.

This is our table-top tree!  I chickened out on getting a full size tree because I didn’t want to deal with chasing Anya around and trying to keep her from playing with the ornaments.  If we had a bigger place, I’d get a bigger tree…but small spaces call for small decor ideas!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Creations

  1. oh Kelli everything looks so great! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. We, too, have a table-top tree this year. I really love it!

  2. Thank you so much, Katy! I never thought I’d compromise on a small tree like the one we have now…until I had Anya! 🙂 Can’t wait to see all you’ve done too!

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