Anya is One!

Today my precious little girl, Anya, is one!   I can hardly believe it.  It seems like it was just yesterday my water broke and I was continually reminding myself to relax and get rest for the up and coming marathon that was labor and delivery.  Her labor was a good one!  We had a quiet, dark room up in the hospital (room 412 I believe) and only every once in a while would the nurse come to check in on me and check Anya’s heartbeat.  From 9 o’clock and onward my wonderful midwife, Tammy, let me do the work and was there in an instant with her calm directed instructions when I was ready to push.  Pushing took a little under an hour.  It was painful, but a welcome relief from the hard contractions.  I had never felt so excited before and never felt so alive and physical at the same time.  I say physical because labor truly is your body taking over and just doing what it does best.  Afterward, with the instant cessation of pain and the truly beautiful sight of my second daughter, I felt absolutely euphoric!  As the nurses cleaned up and prepared to transfer me to a post labor room they kindly offered to give me a wheel chair.  I didn’t want it!  I felt so alive and so happy that my baby had arrived I wanted to walk.  I remember hearing the nurses at the nurses station as we walked by, happily admiring our beautiful little girl who came in at a whopping 8 lbs 11 and a half oz.

“Did she just have a baby?!”

I smiled and then returned my gaze to my little one.  August beamed at me as he cuddled Anya close to his heart in his strong daddy’s arms.  I love my husband.  He was the best “doula” I could have had.  He was my quiet strong tower when I needed him.  I couldn’t have done it without you, sweet husband of mine!

Anya took to nursing the next day.  The first day she didn’t show much interest and as I expressed my concern to the nurses they said it was normal for larger babies to not have an appetite right away since they have so much stored within themselves already.

Going home was a little hard.  It’s always hard to leave a place where everyone is doting on you all the time and then going back home where you have to take care of yourself!  But we managed.  Craving a scrumptious burger and fries on our way home August indulged me and bought me a huge burger and lots of deliciously salty fries.  Yum.  I remember craving similar things after a 3 mile cross country race in high school.  Only this time I felt I was the first place runner.  I finished the race as number one!

A year later and after many challenges of getting Anya to sleep through the night, she is FINALLY sleeping well.  I never thought it would be so hard to get her to do so, but it was.  Through every mile stone, from raising her sweet little head, to rolling over, to learning to crawl at 7 and a half months, to standing, to saying her first word (which was “no” by the way!) and finally to walking at 11 months, Anya has been one energetic, happy, and boisterous little angel!  I LOVE my little girl and she has been such a blessing in my life.  I thank God that He saw fit to entrust her in my care, to raise her, to love her, and to teach her all about Her sweet Father in Heaven.  Thank you…thank you!

Happy Birthday sweet little Anya of mine!  I will ALWAYS love you!


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