Herbs for Kids

So the cold season has begun!  Yesterday evening I began feeling something scratchy in my throat.  Wanting to quickly ward off any buggie men in my throat that may cause a cold I quickly scuffled to my vitamin cabinet and downed some olive leaf extract, vitamin c, a multi-vitamin, and of course good ol’ echinacea.  So far so good…no bad symptoms have progressed and I am thankful.  I will diligently take my vitamin/herb regimen.

So there are wide uses for herbs for adults, but what about for our sweet little children?  Do they have to just tough it out in misery because there is nothing we can do or give them to help?  There has been so much study for big people, but not so much for little people (probably because mothers like myself are too scared to allow their children to be put through studies).  However, I am a firm believer in boosting the immune system to allow it to fight off bad germs before giving anti-immune fighting drugs such as antibiotics or cold medicines.  Let the body do what it does best and give it all it needs to do it’s work!

So, how do we know what is safe for children?  What kinds of ingredients are in our children’s vaccines that we feel safe giving?  Think about it…formaldehyde, animal cells and DNA, polysorbate-80…and the list goes on and on.  Would I really feel safer injecting things such as those but  not safe injecting something God made for the very purpose of fighting disease?  How are those any more safe than say an antiviral herb such as echinacea?  I’ve been giving my girls herbs for over a year and with each each case I am extremely careful to not give any more than the recommended amount/body weight.  I have noticed that in each case of giving these herbs when they’ve had colds, their symptoms are dramatically decreased and healing takes place much quicker than it would if I had not given them!  I know this because we did not give my eldest daughter any herbs at all her first year of life, whereas we did so with our second child.  Colds last merely a few days and no longer than a week.

Overall, I just want to encourage other mothers to think about giving their child something natural before giving something chemical, or just letting the child weather the storm on their own.  We give ourselves boosts to help fight the cold why should we deprive our children of the same thing?

Dr. Sears is a doctor who uses the best of both worlds.  He does everything to help encourage parents to feed their kids healthy ingredients, and to give them immune boosting herbs and or vitamins to help them overcome every day germs, vaccines, and colds.  His is an opinion that I trust completely.

Click here to read about what Dr. Sears says about Echinacea.

I also want my reader to remember the benefits of vitamin C.   There are liquid vitamin C bottles available in any Martin’s or Natural Store such as Kate’s in Harrisonburg.  Vitamin C is pretty much harmless in any amount and pretty much necessary in my opinion to help boost little immune systems.  I suggest you at least give this one a try!  You will be pleasantly surprised!

According to Dr. Sears,

“Vitamin C. This anti-oxidant vitamin can help boost the immune system and may decrease vaccine side effects. Give this once a day for 5 days starting on the day of the shots. Infants should get 150 mg daily, toddlers and preschoolers 250 mg, and older kids and teens 500 mg. Vitamin C drops, chewables, and capsules are available at any health food or drug store. The amount of Vitamin C in the multivitamins discussed above (with vitamin A) usually isn’t enough.”

Scroll down and ready through the entire article.  It’s very informative.

Hope you find this helpful!


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