What takes priority in your life these days?  Is it money?  Clothing?  Makeup?  Hair appointments? Housing?  Always being on time?  How about getting good grades in school or impressing the professor?  For me lately it seems that my priorities have been absolutely and completely mixed up.  I worry about my future and what God has for it and I am forgetting that He has set my path and there is no need for me to worry.  So why do I struggle so much with worry?  To be quite honest I don’t even know.   Or maybe I do know but I don’t want to admit why.  August and I took a step in to our future last weekend and went house hunting on Saturday morning.  What a thrill that was!  It’s definitely a difficult process for sure.  If you’ve ever invested your money or bought a new car you know how patient you have to be to wait for the right opportunity to strike.  Well, multiply that stress times oh say a million and that’s sort of what you feel like when looking at buying a house.  I’m not saying it was stressful in a bad way.

We pulled up to the brick bungalow house with darling dormered windows around ten in the morning.  Petite, square, boxwoods decorated the exterior and sweeping pines seemed to usher us forward.  We liked what we saw.  It was built in 1926.  The pea gravel complimented the crafty style of the house and it made me feel a bit like I was stepping into Williamsburg.

The gray haired woman came to the door with a big broad welcoming smile.  Her knit sweater and feminine scarf wrapped around her neck told me that she was as quaint as her old house.  “Welcome! Come in, come in and I’ll show you around!”  She sounded as if she might be as excited as we were.  Stepping in through the front door I wasn’t immediately impressed. Dark wood paneling lined all the walls and the light fixtures looked like the brass 1980’s fixtures that I definitely detest.  She pointed to a small window seat that looked out over the road.  “This lifts up for storage.  I raised my three children here and this was always a good place for toys.”  She said cheerfully.  “And this is the closet I always used to store board games.  There are two closets in this room.  We used the other for coats.”  OK…so nice storage areas.  I can definitely relate to wanting to hide children’s toys at the end of the day.  I was a little dissapointed as I looked toward my brown leather boots.  Carpeting.  Not just any carpeting-this was pretty ugly!  “Are there wood floors under these carpets?”  “Yes there are but the are in pretty bad shape.  They haven’t been worked on since the old man who owned this house before we did.”  She informed me.  My heart did a little dance as I imagined ripping out the carpeting and polishing up the original wood panels that the house was built upon.

As we walked in to the next room I was delighted to see a very quaint fire place.  Everything about the structure was very welcoming and structurally very cute.  It might need some cosmetic updates but overall I was beginning to look past the hideous brown carpets, wood paneling and other outdated features.  The kitchen was no more enchanting with it’s old cabinetry and very blue counter tops.  OI!  But still, this place has great potential!  I absolutely loved the landscaping that was outside.  And what’s even more wonderful is the house sits on 10 acres.  We could sit outside in the summer drinking our tea and watch the beautiful and quiet mountains behind our little house.  And that’s all it took for me to imagine our lives there in that little brick house.  I could see Grace and Anya running around the back yard.  I could see August and I retiring to the upstairs to sleep in our own room, one  of the three this house had.  It will certainly take a lot of patience on my part to wait for God’s timing now.  Whether we buy that little house or another some where in the future it was fun to get out and at least start the process with my sweet man, whom I cherish so much.

So back to  what my priorities were.  Where I’d want them to be about a house, coming home to our little apartment was the perfect reminder that nothing should take more priority than my sweet Father in Heaven.

Jesus said,  “Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.  The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.”  Matthew 7:24-25.

I want to build our house on that Rock which sustains and protects us from the torrents of wind from the world.  So this is my priority.  My home is not a physical dwelling.  It is an eternal dwelling.


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