Another season in boxes

So I love my girls.  That’s pretty hard to hide.  Anya and Grace are my delight and it truly is heaven being able to stay home to care for these two precious angels.  Anya is feisty and determined where Grace is sweet and compliant, most of the time.  Yesterday I took the time to go through their dressers to clean out any clothes they might have outgrown, and believe me I had been putting it off and putting it off until it was getting to be difficult to shut their drawers.  But the mood struck and I had the motivation so to work I got.

I began with the simplest and most easy way for me to organize.  Grab all the clothes in Anya’s drawer and throw all the clothes on the floor.  Quick and easy, dirty but effective.  I like it.  Of course the mess gets multiplied because as I’m throwing all the cute, girly clothes on the floor Grace grabs a few to dress up Auggie Doggie, her favorite stuffed toy, and Anya pulls stuff out and carries it around the house until she grows tired and then plops it on some random place on the floor.  A small mess becomes quite a big mess in our house pretty quickly.  Anyways, as I was sorting out the cute little pants, dresses, shirts, and tights that my little baby girl has outgrown I started to reminisce.  It wasn’t that long ago that she was wearing these darling little clothes and now here I am putting them away…for good!  Wait, hold on!  She can’t grow up yet! She now happily toddles around our little apartment babbling to herself contentedly.  She also is beginning to repeat a lot of words.  Here are some of her precious angelic (to me they are just so sweet) little phrases:

“Meo meo!”  oatmeal

“gorjus”  “gorgeous.”

“wa doww”  want down!  of course she says this whether or not she wants up or down! LOL.

“Hi daddy!”

“wa wa”  water

“ca ca”  peacock

“Pritty”  Pretty


“Gacie”  Gracie.  Often this will be the first thing she says when she wakes up.  The little pill tries to wake up her sister!

It was such a sweet thing to remember everything about her baby hood as I packed away clothes but it was also bittersweet because it reminded me that she too is growing  and will continue to do so!  I love her so much.  I love my children and want lots of them…in God’s good time of course.

Grace is also sprouting into a beautiful little girl.  Her hair rests just above her shoulders now in darling little ringlet curls.  I can’t believe she is preschool age now.  Potty training is still going well, most of the time.  She struggles with the number 2 aspect and I struggle to find ways to help her understand.  We just take it a day at a time!   She can now successfully count to ten and not leave out the number 4.  She even brings me her little alphabooks and actually reads them to me now all by herself.  She’s a smarty and I am so proud of her.

I thank God for my darlings and I continually find myself praying, Lord protect them and guide them even when I can not.  Call them out by name sweet Savior and may they glorify your  name and further your kingdom.  Bless them and keep them.  May your face shine upon them and be gracious unto them.  I pray all these things because I love them.  In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Since this is the day of rest I find myself rejoicing in all the many ways God has blessed me.  Thank you sweet Father!!  You are the great Provider and it is in you that I can trust.  I Praise You this day!  I am thankful for the ability to pack things away only to save them for another girl further down the road or someone in need.  It reminds me that God always has something for us that is new and fresh.  We pack away the old clothes because He gives us new ones to put on.  Although who we were is very much apart of who we are today, God provides countless opportunities to grow so that we may put on the new clothes of his salvation and live freely justified as new people.  Each phase God brings me through is even more glorious than the previous one because it means that with every change there is another open door to be ushered in to.  Nothing is stagnant. Everything is promising when I put my faith in the One True God.  A God who rejoices in my growth as I rejoice in the growth of my darlings.  Having two very young children before my oldest was even two years old was very difficult.  I was tired a lot, worn out, weary, and didn’t know how I could keep up with them.  But I did and as Anya begins her second year of life and is more able to communicate with me and play on her own I am reminded that if I were to be pregnant, it will never again be as hard as it was because Grace and Anya will be old enough to help me, talk with me, and play with their new sibling.  These are my thoughts.  I just LOVE the place where God has me right now.  Finally, I am content and at peace with life and I could honestly care less if we live in a small apartment with one bedroom.  All that doesn’t matter when I look in to the heart of my God and I find rest for my weary soul.  I pray that my fellow readers will also find that rest that only God can give.

And I can not tell you how God brought me to this place.  I can only tell you that somehow through surrendering my desires, my fears, my complaints, and my hopes to Him, God truly worked.  One of my favorite Christian authors, Hannah Whitall Smith, puts it very nicely:  “The maturity of the Christian experience cannot be reached in a moment, but is the result of the work of God’s Holy Spirit, who, by His energizing and transforming power,causes us to grow up into Christ in all things.  And we cannot hope to reach this maturity in any other way than by yielding ourselves up utterly and willingly to His mighty working (The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life, 7).

Grace and peace to all and may you know where it truly comes from!  May you too grow up into Christ in all things.

“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.”

Philippians 4:12


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