a moment of weakness

It isn’t often that I give the girls baths.  I mean not often like maybe once or twice a week because usually it is such a task to plug up our little space shuttle shower to plop them both in and hurry to get them dressed afterward.  Well, today was a bath day. Anxiously Grace and Anya waited in the bathroom as I used plastic wrap to cover the drain and fill the small basin with water.  They were both so excited.  As the basin was full I pulled the shower handle to the side to stop the steady flow of water.  Bending down I dipped my hand in to test the temperature of the water and shot back in surprise. The water was cold!!  At that moment I just snapped.  I am constantly frustrated by our lack of hot water and just when I was expecting to give the girls a relaxing bath and calmly smear them in cocoa butter afterward, you know, have a relaxing evening, I got a rude awakening instead.  I had to warm up water the old fashion way in a tea kettle and slowly add it to the water only to have the water cool down as I hopelessly and frantically tried to bring another pot to a boil…meanwhile the girls were getting crankier and crankier as their hopes of bubble bath time fun dissipated.  What did I do instead?  Quickly bathe them in the lukewarm water that was there and then race to dry them off and get them dressed.  I just felt so frustrated, dissapointed…and so ready to move to a house with hot water and a bath tub!!!!


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