and thus ends another day

Life is such a whirlwind.  Usually, I hardly notice time passing as I chase my children around the house enjoying their giggles and chuckles as they play with each other and with me.  There is absolutely nothing more endearing than hearing them enjoy themselves, especially while they play together since they are so close in age.  They are only 16 months apart…phew!  Each day has its ups and downs of course.  The day could go anywhere from good to great all the way to exhausting and frustrating all in a matter of minutes.

The girls do not like to share.   Right now the biggest thing is how much my youngest wants to follow the oldest around. She loves her big sis and I can easily see why.  With her vivacious smiles and laudable outbursts of joy, she is a hard one to not want to pay attention to.  But then there comes a time when my youngest wants to play with something her big sis has.  I’ll be washing dishes or straightening out the house…perhaps even enjoying an HGTV show (guilty pleasure…I think so), when all of a sudden voices erupt, tears flow down their cheeks, one is pushing the other while the other hollers for my help.  Absolute peace to absolute chaos in a matter of seconds.  Day in and day out.  I look at my oldest and say, “Lovebug, you don’t like it when your sister takes toys from you, so please don’t take toys from her!”  or  “Little girl (to my youngest) right now your big sis is playing with that horsie and when she’s all done then baby girl can have a turn.”  Do they understand?  My oldest does but sometimes chooses to pretend not to while I absolutely know my youngest does.  I’ll see her grab something she knows her older sister cherishes and turn the other direction and almost sprint to wherever she can go to hide from big sister G (which isn’t far in our apartment!  You can get from one side to the other in T minus 5 seconds!).  By the time the day comes to an end I feel like one of the moms on those Suave commercials with the crazy hair before they show the difference by using their product.  Yep, that’s me.

But I wouldn’t trade any bit of my crazy days for anything in this world.  Life has its phases and I am certainly young.  It is such a blessing that I can share life’s little adventures with my two little wide-eyed wanderers.  They are learning and seeing this world for the first time-everything is new, never been explored, territories undiscovered,distant worlds beckoning them forward, life is ever so enchanting and exciting.  How glorious it is that I can partake in that wonderful explorative learning with them!

So as crazy as a day can be and how easily frustrated I can become I just don’t want to forget how glorious and enriching motherhood is.  Each day is a new opportunity to pour into them.  Although I am certainly far from perfect and I make mistakes that I regret, the fact that their love is  so pure and forgiving reminds me of how important it is to become like a child myself before my Father in Heaven.  So much of our society pushes children away, sees them as financial burdens, or a sure way to ruin a career or life goal.  My career is not paid.  Most of it goes unnoticed in this world (except by my sweet husband) and it is a work that requires a lifetime of commitment.  To me striving in a career for the sole purpose of earning money is pure slavery.  In the end what will you have?  A company who does not remember you, people who want to be that much better than you and money that never satisfies?  No thank you.

So I can hardly believe how quickly this day has come and gone.  Tomorrow will start another day with my loves.  I am thankful, so thankful, for each and every moment spent with them, loving them, being loved by them, learning with them, teaching them, and exploring life’s joys with them.  I may be frazzled and my clothes may be a bit disheveled, but inwardly I laugh with joy in earnest belief that God has given me two “little friends” (an endearing term I call them) whose entire world is centered around wanting to be with Mommy.  Truly, motherhood is glorious.

“Cause the only way to find your life is to lay your own life down
And I believe it’s an easy price for the life that we have found”

Andrew Peterson

“Dancing in the Minefields


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