Vitamin K shots…to give or not to give?

I found myself thinking about vitamin K shots this morning for whatever reason.  As always, the possibility of another pregnancy is always in the forefront of my mind considering we are not using any form of birth control, except rhythm of course.  We injected our first child with Vitamin K at birth but we did not with our second.  My husband suggested that he found a study concluding that such high levels of the vitamin were found to increase the chances of childhood leukemia.  So, trusting his opinion we both decided to say no when asked after the birth of our second daughter.  She did beautifully.  She was a whopping 8 lbs 11.5 ounces and showed little or no signs of jaundice.  I am not writing to convince any mother or father to do as I do but I found this article to be informative and it brought me comfort with our decision to avoid the injection and it may do so for you as well.  First and foremost, I trust in the sovereignty of Christ and trust wholeheartedly that the health of my children rest with Him.  But, that does not mean I will blindly do all the doctor’s recommend or avoid all medical care in rebellion of the first.  Simply speaking, I made this decision based on the understanding that my child was 100% healthy and that her body showed no signs of jaundice or poor liver function which would result in the internal bleeding the vitamin K shot prevents.   Medicine likes to wipe out all odds of error and thus lumps everyone into the same category…healthy, well, and weak.  They make a decision to give all infants this shot thus illiminating the injuries due to infant internal bleeding but they fail to provide parents with good wholesome information of how they can watch and prevent this bleeding naturally.

In short, what I concluded from reading this article was that the internal bleeding in the brain results from a weak and sickly liver in the infant.  The poorly functioning liver fails to create the clotting factors needed and thus the infant bleeds.  A yellowing of the skin and eyes would indicate poor liver function and obviously a parent would know what would be normal and what would not be normal.  Since my child was healthy obviously I did not feel she needed the injection.  If she were to have shown poor liver function by severe jaundice then of course she would have needed it.

So, parents, be informed.  Medicine is a blessing when we need it.  Too often we assume that because it is a blessing, then all medicine is good.  Not so.   Man is fallen and his science is not perfect.  There are many Godly doctors, but then there are not.  So think for yourself…do the research yourself and then pray and act.

Read this article and consider alternatives first before invasive procedures!

I like the idea of giving gradual doses of liquid vitamin K to baby as oppose to super injecting her with unnatural amounts at birth.  To me, you have the best of both worlds.  Giving the vitamin to boost baby’s liver function and help with clotting but not so much where you are compromising her health with an increase chance of cancer!  What is scarier?  The fear of one or the fear of the other?  Helping baby naturally with liquid supplementation of both baby and mommy gives her the extra boost she’ll need without the threat of subjecting her to the possibility of cancer!  With modern medicine taking the place of individual responsibility we are given two options.  1.  You accept the medical care and advice given to you by your doctor which may or may not include what is actually in your best interest but a quick fix.  2.  You ask for alternatives and you are ousted by your clinic.  It’s all or nothing…you either receive a super dose or you don’t.  Just know parents that it does not have to be that way.  With a liquid  vitamin K suspension you know exactly what the ingredients are.  With the injection you have the vitamin but a host of  other chemical ingredients to preserve that suspension.  So you getting the vitamin, but then you are also getting who knows what!


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