Raising Little Women

Each child is so unique and even more unique and beautiful to you is your own child.  My eldest absolutely loves horses.  She loves watching them, playing with them, dreaming about them, imagining she’s riding them, and taking turns on mommy’s horse when she goes to ride.  I can remember being the exact same way.  Are some of us born with the love to ride and be wild and free on the saddle of a horse with only the reigns to decide which way you will choose to explore?  Is it learned?  I do often wonder.  I think my beautiful child sees her momma’s love for horses, raising them, caring for them, riding them, and wants to do as mommy does.  Someday I wish to have land where we can have our own horses.  I am blessed because when my Arabian was so wonderfully given to me back in 2001, I had no idea I would be putting my own girls up on her back and leading them around in little circles.  My wishes have come true!  Thank you Lord!  So in this family, I will raise my “little women” to love the outdoors, to love the wild, to love mountains, to love horses…all things wonderful and exciting.  Each family is so unique and it is a dream of mine to give my girls their own barn someday so that they too can grow up with that familiar and delicious smell of hay, leather, grain, and that oh so cherished horsie smell.  Just a dream.  I pray it comes true someday!


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