Silly Socks

My youngest daughter loves to play and be chased.  Every night before bedtime we play the “silly socks” game, which sometimes isn’t a game to me because I’m tired, but more of a game to her because she does not like to sit still long enough to be changed.  This morning, as she was walking around our wood floors still wearing her pink and gray stripped jammies I noticed one sock dangling off her foot…she kept walking without being bothered by it.  I just happened to come up to her and say, “Oh sweet darling can I fix your silly sock?!”  Then it hit me.  What a cute little poem it would make.  What a perfect story for a toddler.  This is just a little rhyme scheme I put together which was so sweetly inspired by my adventurous little girl.

Silly Socks

Off your feet and into the wash go your sweet pink and white, silly socks.

Tickles, giggles, chuckles and snorts as you smell your stinky, silly socks.

Then one sock your grab and one sock your throw,

“Where oh where did the silly socks go?”

Oh where can I find you but ‘round the corner, I see you, silly socks!

Dashing, darting, “is Baby OK?”  Down you went with silly socks!

Then one sock your grab but this time don’t throw,

Baby needs love now, “Please Mommy, don’t go!”

Kisses and hugs, time for bed, “night night baby with your silly socks.”

Tomorrow you’ll wake and tomorrow you’ll find even more…

silly socks!



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