Beach Week

It certainly has been a while since I have written anything!  Much has happened since my last few words!  Today my little baby turns 17 months old.  It is so hard to believe she is my toddler now and that my oldest will soon be 3!  Where does time go exactly?  I was always told to cherish this time because it goes so fast but geese, I wasn’t expecting it to really go by sooo fast! 

We are spending this week down in Ocracoke, N.C.  The trip down was adventurous.  My mom and I set out around 6:45.  The first few hours were ok and I felt confident about driving but not soon after our little girls started getting cranky and from the time A was awake till the time she actually and finally fell asleep she was fussing!!  Not so fun.  G played contentedly in her car seat and I barely heard a peep of the crankies from her.  She is such a compliant and easy-going little darling!  We stopped once or twice for potty breaks but our real break didn’t really come until we reached Nags Head.  Mom and I set for the beach right away since it was only 2:00!  Why not enjoy the beach on our way down?  It was gorgeous.  G and her G.G. played in the waves laughing and giggling and having a good time while A clung to me like a little monkey, not so sure what she thought of the big waves. 

Yesterday was a bit rainy so we stayed inside and recuperated mainly since I was exhausted from the long drive the day before and the girls were too. 

Today has been gorgeous!  So bright and sunny, warm and delicious!  While the guys set off fishing Oma, G.G. the girls and I set off for the beach in Papa’s jeep right away.  My precious girls love it here.  A sat happily shoveling sand into her little beach bucket and playing with shells while G and her G.G. ran in and out of the waves.  A really loved collecting the sea shells and filling her bucket with water and splashing in it.  As she sat diaper squashed in the sand, legs sprawled out in front of her, she splashed and played and I even heard her say, “funny bubbles.”  G and A call the ocean water “bubble water” because of all the foam and bubbles that wash ashore after the waves come crashing to the sand.  Needless to say it delighted my soul to see them enjoying what I love so much.  The guys joined us shortly afterward with big news of catching 16 fish and having to throw back many more! 

On the way back home I sat with the girls snuggled up in the back of our Rover.  A fell asleep in my arms with her little face gently resting on my arms while G snuggled close to get warm after playing in the cool Atlantic waters.  After bathing and washing the sunblock off I tucked my girlies into bed and they have been sleeping solid for the past three hours!  The beach is good for wearing them out! 

I am so blessed to have this time and make no mistake, I will make the most of it!

Until next time…more beach for us please!