24 weeks…16 weeks to go

And when you put it like that 16 weeks doesn’t  really seem like very long!  This pregnancy has flown by.  Already my baby bump is no longer just a little baby bump…there’s a pretty big baby in there!  I’ve pretty much resigned myself to 8 pounders at birth since my other two were over 8 pounds.  I feel very relaxed and just ready to meet this little one.  I love feeling the little kicks and jolts.  Last night I woke up around 1am.  As I lay there trying to go back to sleep I couldn’t because baby had decided it was play time.  It was amazing feeling this little one be so active.  As I wonder who he or she will be (such a beautiful gift God gives us) I can’t help but admire him or her already.  I’m ready for baby snuggles!

On a side note but not such a side note we found a place to live.  It is an old farm house.  It needs quite a bit of work before I will consider it move in ready, but I am really excited about making it my own…especially because there will be lots of projects for me to work on around the house.  Finally!  First thing is first: we paint our master bedroom and create an oasis for ourselves since we have been sharing our room with a preschooler and a toddler for the past year and a half.  Then, rip out the carpet in the girls room to expose the beautiful flooring underneath and paint in there too.  I still haven’t decided on color but I’m leaning towards a soft neutral yellow or even lavender.  I think the girls are more excited about having their own room than we are.  We stopped by just to start some cleaning and already they were playing in there and tickling each other.  It was so cute to hear their laughter from down the hall.

And thus starts another week.  Why does weekend time always have to fly by?  I pray for my little family.  I pray God will bless my husband as he works hard to provide for us and to indulge my design fantasies.  I pray God will bless my children and teach them how to love and serve one another even now.  I pray God will give me wisdom as a mother to lead and guide them this week.  And I pray for my family abroad that God would continue to make Himself known to them.  I am so thankful for God’s provisions.  I am so thankful for the future He has in store for us.



I’m Back!

I almost thought I had abandoned blogging altogether.  But, here I am and I just can’t stand to let it fall into the cracks of cyberweb bookshelves.

With that being said here’s a little snipit of our lives as of late.

August was promoted to full-time supervisor back in June.  He has been working very hard since then to prove to his superiors they can depend on him.  Often working close to 15 hour days he comes home exhausted but hardly ever do I hear a peep of any form of a complaint out of him other than just being tired and hungry.  His logistics company is going through some changes and August is riding the 100 foot monster waves like a pro surfer.

Grace is getting ready to turn three years old!  My how time flies.  Right now her favorite things are playing with her Breyer horses, which were mine when I was a girl, and chatting with me in her very adorable sentences.  It seems the word “Mommy” is stuck on repeat.  Often a question from her will go like this, “Mommy, Mommy, can I have juice, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy?”  LOL.  I try to enjoy it because often when your name is repeated like that a million times throughout the day you just want to scream and pull your hair out and say “No one else say Mommy!”  It’s cute though.  She loves that I am her mommy and will often tell people, “This is Gracie’s mommy!”  as she runs up and grabs one my legs and holds on tight.  She is very independent now.  She helps me by bringing me diapers to change Anya, bringing me the wipes if I’ve got baby poo all over them, even opening the fridge to get the sippie for Anya, and a couple of times I’ve gotten her to actually feed Anya for me!  Oh how I love her sweet little hands that are already being such a help.  Potty training has finally been a success!!  I got really discouraged when after what seemed like months upon months of potty training regression and changing big girl poopy diapers.  I sat down one day and tried to think of ways I could get her to sit on the potty long enough to where she would relax and just go.  My idea?  “Potty Ponies!”  She loves watching “My Little Pony,” and so I looked on Amazon.com and found little miniature My Little Ponies that would fit in a little blue jar.  I told her the only time she could play with them was when she was sitting on Froggy Potty.  That did it!  All fear of the potty left and she has successfully been emptying her little bladder and bowels in the potty every time!!  No fighting it, no battle of the wills between mommy and daughter, no hurting bottoms from poo poos that got too big because she just held it and held it.  I am so thankful.

Anya is my little talker.  In fact, she’s almost speaking in complete sentences now.  She was busy playing with a bowl and old-fashioned mixer when she looked up, spotted Uncle Aaron, and said, “Ernie, I making kitty food!”  Wow! There’s almost nothing she won’t repeat if asked and she converses with big sister G on a minute by minute basis.  It is so precious to hear her little voice.  I was holding her and snuggling with her before bed one night and I often tell the girls I love them over and over just because I can’t help myself and she replied, “I luf you mommy.”  I can’t say how much she is a joy.  Here are a few of her words:

“Hi Gacie”

“Ernie” -for uncle Aaron


“Nulk” -milk

“duice” juice

“woofie” -woobie the dog

“aug” -Grace’s Auggie Doggie

“fog” frog

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant.  I feel this little baby move so much now!  It is so precious to think that pretty soon I will have another little cutie to hold and snuggle and say “I luf you” to.  Grace thinks she’s having another sister and refers to baby as “Nora” all the time almost as if Nora is already here.  I was sitting on the floor with Grace and Anya came up to me and patted my big round belly and then proceeded to kiss my belly.  She’ll pet my tummy and say “Ders  beebee in der!”  or “see beebee!”  I know it will be an adjustment having three children but I love that I will have all three of them just to myself.  There’s no one else in the world they will belong to except me!  I am thankful for the life within me and I just can’t wait to see him or her.

And just a few more quick updates and then I’m off because those darlings are supposed to be napping and of course they’re talking instead.  Is this a foreshadowing of late night sister talks for the rest of their lives?  I certainly hope so.

We bought a new van and I LOVE it.  It’s a 2006 Chrysler Town and C0untry LX with a DVD player and stow-and-go seating.  There is so much space for everything we carry!!  No more scrunching babies into a backseat!  It is luxurious.

We are still looking for a place to rent but we hope to be moving by August.  Will keep you updated on that.

For now,