24 weeks…16 weeks to go

And when you put it like that 16 weeks doesn’t  really seem like very long!  This pregnancy has flown by.  Already my baby bump is no longer just a little baby bump…there’s a pretty big baby in there!  I’ve pretty much resigned myself to 8 pounders at birth since my other two were over 8 pounds.  I feel very relaxed and just ready to meet this little one.  I love feeling the little kicks and jolts.  Last night I woke up around 1am.  As I lay there trying to go back to sleep I couldn’t because baby had decided it was play time.  It was amazing feeling this little one be so active.  As I wonder who he or she will be (such a beautiful gift God gives us) I can’t help but admire him or her already.  I’m ready for baby snuggles!

On a side note but not such a side note we found a place to live.  It is an old farm house.  It needs quite a bit of work before I will consider it move in ready, but I am really excited about making it my own…especially because there will be lots of projects for me to work on around the house.  Finally!  First thing is first: we paint our master bedroom and create an oasis for ourselves since we have been sharing our room with a preschooler and a toddler for the past year and a half.  Then, rip out the carpet in the girls room to expose the beautiful flooring underneath and paint in there too.  I still haven’t decided on color but I’m leaning towards a soft neutral yellow or even lavender.  I think the girls are more excited about having their own room than we are.  We stopped by just to start some cleaning and already they were playing in there and tickling each other.  It was so cute to hear their laughter from down the hall.

And thus starts another week.  Why does weekend time always have to fly by?  I pray for my little family.  I pray God will bless my husband as he works hard to provide for us and to indulge my design fantasies.  I pray God will bless my children and teach them how to love and serve one another even now.  I pray God will give me wisdom as a mother to lead and guide them this week.  And I pray for my family abroad that God would continue to make Himself known to them.  I am so thankful for God’s provisions.  I am so thankful for the future He has in store for us.



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