Some much needed love {for the blog that is}

So, I haven’t been extremely faithful about keeping up with the blog.  Mostly because we haven’t had internet (except on August’s phone and try writing a post on that thing!).  August just bought us internet…and a new laptop, a surprise for my birthday!!  I couldn’t be more excited.  I’ve been playing with photoshop sometimes for too late into the night.  Here’s just a few shots of my babes…that is if I can remember how to upload a picture on to wordpress. 🙂DSCN3828

Leo is a thumb sucker…err…more like an index and middle finger sucker.  He always sucks his fingers with one hand and pets his hand with the other free hand.  So cute!  He is such a self-soother.  Here he’s sitting in his high chair in the living room…yes the living room because that night was a movie night.  August was sleeping so we enjoyed some movie time, Leo in his high chair.  Dinner served and everything!


Anya is the spunky one.  She’s the hardest to photograph because she is ALWAYS on the move.  She is three now.  She’s always been a talker but I am constantly amazed by her vocab retension and application.  Sometimes she says things that take me completely off guard!  She also easily converses with her big sister, Grace, who is now four!  Grace is now sharing some of her own thoughts with me.  Instead of simple sentences like, “Mommy, more juice please!”  She’s talking to me on a much more mature level.  Just yesterday I held up a photograph of a haircut I’m hoping to get (very short) and I asked her (and in case you didn’t know my hair is very long…25-30 inches long), “Grace, what if mommy cut her hair like this?”  She very distinctly replied…and with a bit of a worried expression on her face, “No mommy, I want you to stay the way God made you!”  I was shocked!  And flattered!!  Such a sweet girl of mine.  It pleases me to no end that she is starting to realize that God is at the center of all things in our lives (or at least He needs to be!).  God made mommy the way she is.  Therefore, mommy has no need to change.  Shouldn’t we all take this to heart?  God made each and every one of us unique.  Are we happy?  Mostly not!  You’d be hardpressed to find a woman completely satisfied with herself!  What if we all believed firmly in our hearts, this is how God has made me?  How happy I am to be who I am!  So, I had a little sunday school lesson from my four year old and I couldn’t be more inspired.

Beach copy


This is our little “Apple.”  Named by Grace.  She was rescued about 2 and a half months ago.  I heard a poor kitty  meowing in our barn.  I discovered it was a kitten, abandoned with no mother.  Another of it’s sibblings I tried to rescue but was too late.  When I discovered Apple, I was determined to be more successful.  I nursed her back to health and over a long period of time gradually tamed her.  She was completely wild and now she is the exact opposite.  In fact, I have a hard time keeping her from getting into our house and sneaking through my legs as I’m holding babies and keys while trying to get eveyone in.  Haha.  She is such a sweetie.  If you know anyone looking for a kitty companion let me know…I’m trying to place her.

So there you have it.  A small update.  Keep informed!


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