DSCN4316Today my sweet man is 30!  Happy Birthday to the man who is my favorite!  I am so richly blessed to experience a new chapter of life with you.  I pray this decade will be blessed by the Lord’s leading and that He will continue to guide you and grow in you, my man who longs to lead men.  I will follow you wherever you go.  Man of mine who is and always will be a revolutionary at heart!  A man who fights for what is good and right!


Painterly-My New Found Passion

DSCN4309Painterly is a technique in art where the artist does not try to hide the technique used in creating his or her piece of artwork.  Brush strokes are left visible, texture is evident.  Painterly celebrates the type of medium the artist uses.  For example, watercolors, oils, or acrylics.  I used the painterly technique with my latest cigar box…sneak peak here because it’s not completely finished.  The brushstrokes are blended but not too blended and the paint is rough not smooth.  Lots of texture.  I love it!



‘Tis the season for colds.  Or at least it has been in our family on and off this whole winter.  As I battle to keep my kids healthy, running to Kate’s every time I run out of children’s vitamins can just get too expensive.  The answer?  Kiwis!  Just one kiwi contains 50% of one’s vitamin C intake for the day (for such a small fruit that’s a BIG punch!).  My kids LOVE them.  I’ll scoop out the beautiful green flesh with a spoon and cut them in small pieces for Leo and I do the same for the girls.  Just not as small.  This morning Grace had 5!  That’s a huge shot of vitamin C and directly from a whole food which I believe is so much better than  a supplement.  Granted, I use the supplements too when needed, but if at all costs I can get my hands on whole foods…that’s what I opt for.  So there ya go!  A little bit of useful info to help ward off those colds for you little ones.  And for you too!  Not to mention kiwis are just so beautiful.

again…so pretty

DSCN3259I used to be a bit arrogant about mountains.    I mean arrogant because I used to laugh at our little Virginia mountains.  (I know a bit harsh…please excuse me).  I was born in California and I’m fairly certain the love of nature has been deeply embedded into my genetic code.  I descend from a historically rugged people.  Scotland’s worst rubble turned Canadian immigrants…and finally to Californians.  (That’s just my father’s ‘side…my mother’s side includes outlaws….which I’m proud of!)   Virginia’s highest peak, Mount Rodgers, sits at a lofty 5, 728 feet.  Come on…out west we’d consider that a hill!  But not so much any more.  I have come to truly cherish our mountains and the beauty they exude!  Such beautiful hues of blues, greens and purples.  Do you ever realize how much color is around you?  How long has it been since you gazed at the beautiful blue ridge?   They truly are blue!   Keep staring and you’ll find that the blue is so much deeper…that by merely staring even your thoughts get lost in the depth of color.   Something so unique to them that people travel from around the country to see them for the first time.  How blessed I am to live beneath them, in this valley of green meadows and gentle, supple rolling hills…contrasted and framed by such magnificent colors of earth’s rock overgrown with deciduous trees and woodland laurel.  (Take a deep breath when you’re in those mountains and smell the vivacious smells of earth and leaves and grass…oh how I long for it!).

Just thought I’d share…I’m a bit of a romantic when it comes to nature….it’s just SO beautiful.  Only a Creator equally as beautiful and beyond could create such beauty.  I am sorry that I take so much of that beauty for granted every day just because I forget to look out my window!

So you can be sure that as soon as it warms up outside that’s where I’m headed with my little family!



what I was doing when….

DSCN4255 copy

What was I doing last Wednesday when our power went out from the huge snow storm that blew through?  I was obsessing over our guest room.  Big blank walls in a very square room with no focal point.  Bed here, crib there…oh yea there is a dresser…and another one!  I kept coming upstairs to stare and ponder, “what on earth can I do to this room to make it more inviting?”  The answer?  While it was snowing two feet of snow outside I was moving that side table in to the room and the large tall dresser that was right next to the bed out into the hallway.  It was just too large it made the bed sort of disappear from your focus.  So, I finally made a way to make the bed the focal point of the room.  You come in and your eyes just gravitate to it.  My very crafty and gifted sister-in-law makes beautiful wreaths from old books (along with other thrifty things!).  Her blog is here.  She made the one over the bed from a huge dictionary.  It’s the only thing I could think of that would be large enough to sit exactly in the middle of an extremely large blank lavender wall.  I love that the antique yellowed pages off set the girlishness of the lavender.  I finally feel this room is guest worthy.  Rich purple sheets contrasted with a textured white chenille coverlet and a hint of Waverly.  So come on over for a visit!  By the way, our power is finally on after two days!

The ocean, tides and marriage

Here we are in Virginia Beach for the weekend and without our three little ones!  I can honestly write (because saying would mean I’d be talking to myself again) that my Mr. and I have not had two consecutive days alone since before we began having children.  It has been about 4 years now.  We have dates here and there and we’ve had kind momma’s and momma’s in law take them for an overnighter or a day, but never have we been away from them for this long before!

We came down to see my cousin get married.  It was so sweet to hold my husband’s hand while the new couple spoke their vows to each other.  Vows to honor and uplift, to obey and cherish, to stand together no matter what.  I squeezed my sweet husbands hand because I was gladly reminded how I too made that vow five years ago.  Life is hard but the marriage ripens with beauty as the bond made between man and God is sealed with each passing trial and blessing.  I am so blessed by this man of mine!

I am writing during an interlude in our beautiful hotel room which my kind pops so lovingly reserved for us.  We are on the eighth floor on the edge of our continent and the doors open to a small patio that looks straight out at the tumbling water.  It has been so restful to leave those doors open, even now as I write, and hear the waves tossing and pounding on the sandy surf.  It’s quiet everywhere because it’s off-season.  But I cherish the quiet.  I’ve been able to actually sit and talk to my beloved for hours and hours without interruption.  Laugh, joke, reminisce and enjoy each other’s company.

As the tide comes in I look forward to a new tide in this phase of our life.  Tides come and go like life’s difficulties (some of which are heart breaking) but the bond between a husband and wife is as strong as the gravity which draws the water in and out off the sand and back each day.  It is that way because the strength and beauty of God is the force which draws it.

I am thankful for that draw!  I am thankful for God’s gravity which draws me to Himself and bonds me to this husband he has given me.

house with a view

DSCN3257One of my most favorite things about living where we do is the incredible view from our front porch.  We are blessed to have farm land all around us.  Forty acres behind us and an endless view in front of us.  I was going through some of our photo albums and came across these.  They were taken in November.  It was still warm and this particular sunset was amazing!  Beautiful pink and purple hues contrasted against vibrant greenish golden fields.  It’s times like that when I am in awe of our Creator.  How He effortlessly creates such beauty in something I’m often too busy to notice at the day’s end as I’m scrambling to make dinner and put babes in bed!  I am thankful for my house with a view.  I need that view sometimes to refresh my spirit and mind.




Coffee and Motherhood

So, is anyone else super tired at the moment?  Does anyone else have trouble processing their words from their thoughts to their mouth? Umm….I do.  My children keep me so busy I hardly have time to dream a dream even in my sleep.  I wake up groggy but nonetheless, ready for the day to start.  So this morning as I was washing the dishes, I was talking to myself (yes to myself) about how much I love my birthday present.  Adobe Photoshop.  As I was thinking about how wonderful it is to play with pictures, enhance them, and make them look professional this is what came out of my mouth….are you ready?  Here it is…

“Phobe Adodoshop.”

Yep, that’s right. Read it and laugh just for a second at me, the very tired momma, and then laugh a little more.  How funny does that sound?  I find myself constantly doing things like that.

A few weeks ago I was visiting my in-laws and saw a fun picture of my husband’s aunt and uncle in Ireland.  I was so excited to see it!  I exclaimed loudly and full of bravado….

“Ahh Leah (my mother-in-law) is that…are you ready???

“Ben and Gwobby?!”

Their names are Gwen and Bobby.  Yea, mixed that one  up pretty good!  Laugh a little more!

Just thought I’d share a funny moment.  There ya have it!

Please pass the coffee now!