Coffee and Motherhood

So, is anyone else super tired at the moment?  Does anyone else have trouble processing their words from their thoughts to their mouth? Umm….I do.  My children keep me so busy I hardly have time to dream a dream even in my sleep.  I wake up groggy but nonetheless, ready for the day to start.  So this morning as I was washing the dishes, I was talking to myself (yes to myself) about how much I love my birthday present.  Adobe Photoshop.  As I was thinking about how wonderful it is to play with pictures, enhance them, and make them look professional this is what came out of my mouth….are you ready?  Here it is…

“Phobe Adodoshop.”

Yep, that’s right. Read it and laugh just for a second at me, the very tired momma, and then laugh a little more.  How funny does that sound?  I find myself constantly doing things like that.

A few weeks ago I was visiting my in-laws and saw a fun picture of my husband’s aunt and uncle in Ireland.  I was so excited to see it!  I exclaimed loudly and full of bravado….

“Ahh Leah (my mother-in-law) is that…are you ready???

“Ben and Gwobby?!”

Their names are Gwen and Bobby.  Yea, mixed that one  up pretty good!  Laugh a little more!

Just thought I’d share a funny moment.  There ya have it!

Please pass the coffee now!



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