The ocean, tides and marriage

Here we are in Virginia Beach for the weekend and without our three little ones!  I can honestly write (because saying would mean I’d be talking to myself again) that my Mr. and I have not had two consecutive days alone since before we began having children.  It has been about 4 years now.  We have dates here and there and we’ve had kind momma’s and momma’s in law take them for an overnighter or a day, but never have we been away from them for this long before!

We came down to see my cousin get married.  It was so sweet to hold my husband’s hand while the new couple spoke their vows to each other.  Vows to honor and uplift, to obey and cherish, to stand together no matter what.  I squeezed my sweet husbands hand because I was gladly reminded how I too made that vow five years ago.  Life is hard but the marriage ripens with beauty as the bond made between man and God is sealed with each passing trial and blessing.  I am so blessed by this man of mine!

I am writing during an interlude in our beautiful hotel room which my kind pops so lovingly reserved for us.  We are on the eighth floor on the edge of our continent and the doors open to a small patio that looks straight out at the tumbling water.  It has been so restful to leave those doors open, even now as I write, and hear the waves tossing and pounding on the sandy surf.  It’s quiet everywhere because it’s off-season.  But I cherish the quiet.  I’ve been able to actually sit and talk to my beloved for hours and hours without interruption.  Laugh, joke, reminisce and enjoy each other’s company.

As the tide comes in I look forward to a new tide in this phase of our life.  Tides come and go like life’s difficulties (some of which are heart breaking) but the bond between a husband and wife is as strong as the gravity which draws the water in and out off the sand and back each day.  It is that way because the strength and beauty of God is the force which draws it.

I am thankful for that draw!  I am thankful for God’s gravity which draws me to Himself and bonds me to this husband he has given me.


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