what I was doing when….

DSCN4255 copy

What was I doing last Wednesday when our power went out from the huge snow storm that blew through?  I was obsessing over our guest room.  Big blank walls in a very square room with no focal point.  Bed here, crib there…oh yea there is a dresser…and another one!  I kept coming upstairs to stare and ponder, “what on earth can I do to this room to make it more inviting?”  The answer?  While it was snowing two feet of snow outside I was moving that side table in to the room and the large tall dresser that was right next to the bed out into the hallway.  It was just too large it made the bed sort of disappear from your focus.  So, I finally made a way to make the bed the focal point of the room.  You come in and your eyes just gravitate to it.  My very crafty and gifted sister-in-law makes beautiful wreaths from old books (along with other thrifty things!).  Her blog is here.  She made the one over the bed from a huge dictionary.  It’s the only thing I could think of that would be large enough to sit exactly in the middle of an extremely large blank lavender wall.  I love that the antique yellowed pages off set the girlishness of the lavender.  I finally feel this room is guest worthy.  Rich purple sheets contrasted with a textured white chenille coverlet and a hint of Waverly.  So come on over for a visit!  By the way, our power is finally on after two days!


One thought on “what I was doing when….

  1. I love this! It looks so great over that bed. And that horse drawing is beautiful. You’re so talented! Love the twine/yarn balls on the nightstand. Did you make those? They’re fun!

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