again…so pretty

DSCN3259I used to be a bit arrogant about mountains.    I mean arrogant because I used to laugh at our little Virginia mountains.  (I know a bit harsh…please excuse me).  I was born in California and I’m fairly certain the love of nature has been deeply embedded into my genetic code.  I descend from a historically rugged people.  Scotland’s worst rubble turned Canadian immigrants…and finally to Californians.  (That’s just my father’s ‘side…my mother’s side includes outlaws….which I’m proud of!)   Virginia’s highest peak, Mount Rodgers, sits at a lofty 5, 728 feet.  Come on…out west we’d consider that a hill!  But not so much any more.  I have come to truly cherish our mountains and the beauty they exude!  Such beautiful hues of blues, greens and purples.  Do you ever realize how much color is around you?  How long has it been since you gazed at the beautiful blue ridge?   They truly are blue!   Keep staring and you’ll find that the blue is so much deeper…that by merely staring even your thoughts get lost in the depth of color.   Something so unique to them that people travel from around the country to see them for the first time.  How blessed I am to live beneath them, in this valley of green meadows and gentle, supple rolling hills…contrasted and framed by such magnificent colors of earth’s rock overgrown with deciduous trees and woodland laurel.  (Take a deep breath when you’re in those mountains and smell the vivacious smells of earth and leaves and grass…oh how I long for it!).

Just thought I’d share…I’m a bit of a romantic when it comes to nature….it’s just SO beautiful.  Only a Creator equally as beautiful and beyond could create such beauty.  I am sorry that I take so much of that beauty for granted every day just because I forget to look out my window!

So you can be sure that as soon as it warms up outside that’s where I’m headed with my little family!




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