‘Tis the season for colds.  Or at least it has been in our family on and off this whole winter.  As I battle to keep my kids healthy, running to Kate’s every time I run out of children’s vitamins can just get too expensive.  The answer?  Kiwis!  Just one kiwi contains 50% of one’s vitamin C intake for the day (for such a small fruit that’s a BIG punch!).  My kids LOVE them.  I’ll scoop out the beautiful green flesh with a spoon and cut them in small pieces for Leo and I do the same for the girls.  Just not as small.  This morning Grace had 5!  That’s a huge shot of vitamin C and directly from a whole food which I believe is so much better than  a supplement.  Granted, I use the supplements too when needed, but if at all costs I can get my hands on whole foods…that’s what I opt for.  So there ya go!  A little bit of useful info to help ward off those colds for you little ones.  And for you too!  Not to mention kiwis are just so beautiful.


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