in the land of ups

In the land of UPS, that is the very dedicated company we know of that joyfully delivers our packages to our doors, life as we know it is hectic and exhausting!  I say this because as unpredictable as it has always been with August working there, I have come to sort of “predict” what our life is going to be like…and it’s exhausting!  Just when I think things are quiet and we get a sort of routine down, I start to look at properties for sale. Well, I can’t even look for houses and plan on purchasing one because when we finally get the opportunity to BUY!!! guess what happens?  UPS swooops down in their very mysterious manner and says, “don’t but a house just yet!”  But then they don’t tell us why or for how long we are going to be waiting for further news.  AHHHH!!!! The frustration!!  I’m laughing really. I laugh because I’ve never been a planner.  Actually, I detested planners and was disgusted with the thought of planning my day into several shortened increments….it’s just boring! Is life meant to be segmented? I’m a wanderlust…I go with what I feel not what I plan! (most of the time…).  So, now I must wait and be patient and live in the anticipation of wondering if today will bring the good and exciting news of, “have you heard anything yet?!”  August is starting to get a bit peeved with my questions.  Poor guy doesn’t know either.  UPS is the military in case you ‘re not familiar.  Those men dressed in their brown suits and polished leather shoes are hammered and droned into being on time (to the customers benefit), never messing up (being human is not allowed) and getting that package out at 0900 hours!!!  🙂  Sooooo…..just writing and expressing my thoughts.  My crazy thoughts that want to know so badly where we will be living.  It’s hard to look at real estate listings and see something I like and have the feeling that that’s the one but not be able to do anything about it…for now.

Ultimately, I know that God is really trying to teach me patience.  For a long time now.  Maybe I just haven’t gotten it yet.  So, I wait and trust that God will lead us to the right place….whether it be Dublin, Roanoke, Fishersville or Great Falls Montana!   You can wait in anticipation with me as it could be any of those places we are moved to.



the good fight…

Does anyone else out there have trouble with a three year old fighting bedtime and naptime SO much?  Well I do.  I find myself continually looking for ways to make bedtime NOT a battle.  I feel like I’ve tried everything in the book.  Nothing seems to work with my child.  There’s this little thought in the back of my  head that says maybe it’s time for her to drop her nap and make bedtime a little earlier.  I keep ignoring it, but then we keep having these battles.  I tried separating my daughters hoping that different rooms would provide less distractions.   Didn’t work.  I’ve tried special napping toys.  Didn’t work.  I’ve tried twinkle lights to help her not be afraid…didn’t work.  I put them back in the same room….not working.  I am using a sticker chart so that maybe positive reinforcement will work…it’s working for naptime…but then BEDTIME is a nightmare again….is she getting too much sleep or is she sleep deprived?  I can’t tell!  Honestly I know this all sounds extremely inconsistent.  When you’re the parent with the willful child please tell me you dont’ get a little desperate???  Is it temperment?  Does she really not need as much sleep as the others??  IF she doesn’t nap then how will I rest during the day? 

So there’s that thought in the back of my mind again…take away the nap.  I’ll have to get back to you on that one!!