The Percheron Field Day

Today was the percheron field day in Weyers Cave. Every local farmer who had them or showed them brought them together and showed them off to the public. If you don’t know what a percheron is, then you would have been enamored by the sheer size of these horses. Beautiful muscular bodies, thick arched necks, gigantic bones and minimal feathering around the feet with short cropped tails. We saw mostly blacks and whites…and I happened to spot one dapple gray although (my favorite) I wasn’t able to get a picture of him. We spent the morning wandering around petting them, taking lots of pictures, watching them pull a plough the old fashioned way and upturn a field. The girls were excited and a little frightened. Overall, it was such a fun day and during one hayride I was brought back to my childhood and my sense of desire to have horses for my own children to grow up with when I smelled that delicious smell that only a horse smells like. A little like hay, a little like sweat, a little like wool, a little like leather. I don’t think there’s anything in the world that smells sweeter to me!


My oldest, Grace, was very excited.


Leo has no idea that his great great great grandfather was a champion percheron breeder. His stallion, “Liberty,” sold for the most money a horse had ever gone for in his time and made it into the Guinness records. My great great grandfather’s farm eventually went out of business because of a little machine invented known to us as the tractor.


You don’t see Anya in these photos because she was clinging to my leg the whole time.


IMG_1079 copy

How they ploughed not too long ago! He has three horses tied together and the man sits behind them in a little seat situated above the actual plough.


So beautiful.


life on the farm-for the adventurer

It’s only 10:00 in the morning over here and already country life has lended itself something interesting on our little farm in Port Republic. I walked outside to let the chickens out and as I walked up to the coop I saw something sticking out of the grass. A twig? Something in me immediately knew it was definitely not a twig. Ever heard of the phrase, “curiosity killed the cat?” Well that would be me. I walked up to it but maintained a careful distance, sure enough it was a snake. Wanting to photograph the moment I raced back inside hoping the snake would not be gone when I returned. Forget the birds. They’ll be fine for just a moment. When I returned my little friend was in the same position I left him. Head aloft, still and silent.


Not that a snake would ever be my friend but still, I just want to show you! It’s amazing how long he was. I’d say four to five feet and three inches or more wide. This particular snake is known as an Eastern Rat Snake. I looked him up. The largest snake in Virginia. They are very common around here, not harmful but still I wouldn’t get close to him…except I kind of did…


He slithered away bordering the field and into the falling down shed behind the coop. I suppose next time I collect eggs I’ll have to be a little more wary.


Can you see him? The black tail disappearing into the bush…little creepy looking.

Leo at 18 Months


Leo is now 18 months old. A full year and a half. Where exactly does time go? How does it fly by so fast? Leo is quite the vivacious and energetic little boy. He says a few words now.

“go go” yogurt
“ooow sii” outside
“ba ba” bye bye…he says this anytime he hears a car driving down the road, even if he’s inside and can’t see the actual car!
“Daaadeeee” Daddy
“Ma. Ma.” Almost said like a musician would play a staccato. Sort and to the point!
“duice” juice, sometimes it sounds like, “zeus.”

He’s climbing on almost anything now. I actually found him standing on top of our dining room table once. Yikes! He loves the stairs. Mommy does not. He’s starting to understand that he can retaliate when the girls take toys from him. He’ll grab something when they’re not looking and run the other direction!

My little boy is still my most content child. At bedtime he’ll lay right down and suck his little fingers until he falls asleep. He still takes two naps a day, most days.

At 18 months his eyes are changing to a greenish color….this I am very proud of. A little Scottish charm mixed with Arian Austrian blond hair. Something I prayed for actually…at least one child with green eyes. And here he is!!

He also blows kisses to the delight of his Oma and G.G. Daddy also gets lots of kisses blown to him.

I am so thankful for my little cherub. Seeing him really reminds me that only a God so equally beautiful and more could have given me such a precious gift of life. Thank you to my Saviour.

Mother’s Day Specials…I have four of them!

Mother’s day was Sunday and I just wanted to share a few shots of the day. My mother’s day specials were and are my beautiful family. I am thankful for my husband, and my three cutie pies. We spent the morning relaxing and taking good naps and then that afternoon we went to look at a house we might buy. It had a fabulous fenced in yard. When we came back August set up a train track and let the kids play and have fun with a “choo choo.” Leo really spent his time reaching up trying to catch the “choo choo” all while saying just that, he would pucker his cute chubby little lips and say “choo choo.” It sounded more like “ch ch.” It was adorable.

IMG_0656 copy

While they played August was in the kitchen making me something delicious. Homemade clam chowder. It started from scratch, the raw clams, and created something incredibly delicious and creamy savory.



To finally this,


IF you really want the recipe you’ll have to fight me for it. 😉

I got to finish the day off by crafting a little something. I took an old frame that was in my own mother’s closet, and framed some leftover fabric I had from an upholstery project I did a while back. I like it quite a bit…I might spray paint the frame white…thinking about it.

IMG_0682 copy

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the sweet mommies out there in my life.

fun with a camera…

Ok, so the last post was perhaps a bit negative. I apologize for that. This is my online journal….you’re just getting a peak inside my mind and yes sometimes my mind is a bit scrambled and crazy. On a more positive note…I got a new camera! A REAL camera!! I’ve been playing with it any chance I can get. Usually when my kids are sleeping and I’m not worried about them bumping it or something. Here are just a few shots I’ve taken. Oh the possibilities! We won’t be living here in Port Republic much longer. I absolutely love this area. If I could buy here I would. It’ s romantic and the scenery is breath taking. Not to mention the amenities to Harrisonburg are only a ten minute drive away into town. Close enough to the city…but far enough away from it too. 🙂 Anyways, that was a tangent. Here are the pictures in honor of our little white farm house in Port Republic! Enjoy!


IMG_0021 copy





IMG_0009 copy

IMG_0008 copy