fun with a camera…

Ok, so the last post was perhaps a bit negative. I apologize for that. This is my online journal….you’re just getting a peak inside my mind and yes sometimes my mind is a bit scrambled and crazy. On a more positive note…I got a new camera! A REAL camera!! I’ve been playing with it any chance I can get. Usually when my kids are sleeping and I’m not worried about them bumping it or something. Here are just a few shots I’ve taken. Oh the possibilities! We won’t be living here in Port Republic much longer. I absolutely love this area. If I could buy here I would. It’ s romantic and the scenery is breath taking. Not to mention the amenities to Harrisonburg are only a ten minute drive away into town. Close enough to the city…but far enough away from it too. 🙂 Anyways, that was a tangent. Here are the pictures in honor of our little white farm house in Port Republic! Enjoy!


IMG_0021 copy





IMG_0009 copy

IMG_0008 copy



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