this evening’s adventures

So, I’ve been taking more pictures. After a weekend with a great photographer from Alabama who came to stay with her sister’s family and after today’s visit with my sister-in-law (who is also a great photographer); I was able to put those helpful tips to practice. After going to bed late last night and playing with cousin Gabe today we were a little worn out and took good naps. (except me…I was playing with my camera). When the kids woke up we went outside to let the sun in our eyes a bit. They played and I photographed. We picked flowers, put rocks in buckets, visited the bunnies, and even caught a beautiful blue butterfly. We put her in a mason jar with holes for air and she’s currently keeping the girls company while they sleep tonight. The bargain is if they get out of bed then I let the butterfly go outside. You can be sure they weren’t thrilled with that idea! Besides being a bit grumpy and perhaps a tad was a beautiful evening.

IMG_0456 copy





IMG_0576 copy


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