Leo at 18 Months


Leo is now 18 months old. A full year and a half. Where exactly does time go? How does it fly by so fast? Leo is quite the vivacious and energetic little boy. He says a few words now.

“go go” yogurt
“ooow sii” outside
“ba ba” bye bye…he says this anytime he hears a car driving down the road, even if he’s inside and can’t see the actual car!
“Daaadeeee” Daddy
“Ma. Ma.” Almost said like a musician would play a staccato. Sort and to the point!
“duice” juice, sometimes it sounds like, “zeus.”

He’s climbing on almost anything now. I actually found him standing on top of our dining room table once. Yikes! He loves the stairs. Mommy does not. He’s starting to understand that he can retaliate when the girls take toys from him. He’ll grab something when they’re not looking and run the other direction!

My little boy is still my most content child. At bedtime he’ll lay right down and suck his little fingers until he falls asleep. He still takes two naps a day, most days.

At 18 months his eyes are changing to a greenish color….this I am very proud of. A little Scottish charm mixed with Arian Austrian blond hair. Something I prayed for actually…at least one child with green eyes. And here he is!!

He also blows kisses to the delight of his Oma and G.G. Daddy also gets lots of kisses blown to him.

I am so thankful for my little cherub. Seeing him really reminds me that only a God so equally beautiful and more could have given me such a precious gift of life. Thank you to my Saviour.


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