Mother’s Day Specials…I have four of them!

Mother’s day was Sunday and I just wanted to share a few shots of the day. My mother’s day specials were and are my beautiful family. I am thankful for my husband, and my three cutie pies. We spent the morning relaxing and taking good naps and then that afternoon we went to look at a house we might buy. It had a fabulous fenced in yard. When we came back August set up a train track and let the kids play and have fun with a “choo choo.” Leo really spent his time reaching up trying to catch the “choo choo” all while saying just that, he would pucker his cute chubby little lips and say “choo choo.” It sounded more like “ch ch.” It was adorable.

IMG_0656 copy

While they played August was in the kitchen making me something delicious. Homemade clam chowder. It started from scratch, the raw clams, and created something incredibly delicious and creamy savory.



To finally this,


IF you really want the recipe you’ll have to fight me for it. 😉

I got to finish the day off by crafting a little something. I took an old frame that was in my own mother’s closet, and framed some leftover fabric I had from an upholstery project I did a while back. I like it quite a bit…I might spray paint the frame white…thinking about it.

IMG_0682 copy

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the sweet mommies out there in my life.


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