life on the farm-for the adventurer

It’s only 10:00 in the morning over here and already country life has lended itself something interesting on our little farm in Port Republic. I walked outside to let the chickens out and as I walked up to the coop I saw something sticking out of the grass. A twig? Something in me immediately knew it was definitely not a twig. Ever heard of the phrase, “curiosity killed the cat?” Well that would be me. I walked up to it but maintained a careful distance, sure enough it was a snake. Wanting to photograph the moment I raced back inside hoping the snake would not be gone when I returned. Forget the birds. They’ll be fine for just a moment. When I returned my little friend was in the same position I left him. Head aloft, still and silent.


Not that a snake would ever be my friend but still, I just want to show you! It’s amazing how long he was. I’d say four to five feet and three inches or more wide. This particular snake is known as an Eastern Rat Snake. I looked him up. The largest snake in Virginia. They are very common around here, not harmful but still I wouldn’t get close to him…except I kind of did…


He slithered away bordering the field and into the falling down shed behind the coop. I suppose next time I collect eggs I’ll have to be a little more wary.


Can you see him? The black tail disappearing into the bush…little creepy looking.


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