Bed and Breakfast in New Market

This past evening I went to stay overnight at a lovely home, with a beautiful friend, in a gorgeous setting. New Market. This wonderful lady has a magic thumb. A magic green thumb for that matter. Anything she touches turns to gold. “The house of the righteous contains great treasure.” Proverbs 15:6a. She has made her home so whimsical and inviting I that I literally took 232 pictures yesterday. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. A gentle breeze, light temperatures, and crisp almost northern east coat summer air. There were wafts of fragrances in the air which reminded me that it is still spring by the way. The most beautiful spring in a long time. Wouldn’t you agree?

Diamonds cascade from a garden fountain.
IMG_1963 copy

IMG_1869 copy



Fireworks bloom in the herb garden.

Even the Asparagus is whimsical.

Seats for little people to enjoy…

…and seats for the big people to enjoy!

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of a cherub hovering over the greens.
IMG_1952 copy

Nets await their little girls for catching fireflies.


The creatures speak with their eyes…

IMG_1844 copy

IMG_1888 copyIMG_2061



more beach please…

So it’s hard leaving the beach yes? What’s wonderful is that those memories are going to stay with me forever. I’m also super thankful I have a nice camera to capture those moments of joy. Here’s a few more!

“Sixteenth of August St.” Grace’s birthday on a road sign! Maybe we should move there…


Leo holding his hands at the “pray” cue…we say “pray” and he does this. Little angel!


Grace’s footprint.




dining room remodel

As many of you may know, I have been wanting to paint our dining room for a long time. When we moved in I immediately saw the potential for this place. What I did not realize was how hard or how long I’d have to wait before I could see that potential. I finally got the “umph” in me to just paint one wall at a time. If you don’t know me then know that when doing a project, I don’t like for it to take a long time. I see the vision in my head and that’s what I want to see on the walls. Immediately. It was hard to just see one wall at a time be pretty and then have the whole rest of the room in upheaval. 🙂 But I got through it and with the exception of the ceiling still needing a coat of paint everything else is finished. Here are some before and after pictures you might enjoy. I hope you think it looks better than it did!





Here’s one shot of the inside of the built in hutch. This hutch used to be an oaky color. About a year ago I painted the exterior. This is a shot to show that I finally painted the inside too.

Much brighter and cleaner.

On a side note, Leo’s room also got a mini freshening. I painted his walls with the left over trim paint I had from doing the dining room. When we first moved in I was pregnant and wanting a nursery. That nursery was brown walls with baby blue trim. Um yea. Not so nice. The walls are now a creamy white by Olympic called “milk paint.” The trim is Olympic’s ultra white. I asked for the whitest paint she could give me.


Shots of our 2013 Beach Getaway

There’s been a bit of an interlude here on the Napotnik blog. The past few weeks have been busy mostly because the week before last I was cleaning and packing for the beach all while enduring a debilitating viral infection of some sort and last week we were AT the beach! How wonderful it was to soak in the suns rays, to feel the grainy sand sift through our toes, to smell the salty ocean air and to see the tumbling waves. The girls loved standing with their feet in the water while watching the bubbles come up to them after a wave had crashed and left. It took Anya some getting used to. I had to stand with her and hold her (all while she screamed in protest) until she calmed down and finally understood she was safe with mommy and she could just see the fun in the waves. Most of our time was spent resting. Believe me, this is a tired family. After being sick I was exhausted. August had just come off of the dispatch hours. I couldn’t taste my food the whole week or smell for that matter but all that mattered was that we were together as a family…resting as a family, laughing as a family, cooking as a family, napping as a family, playing together as a family. I utterly and completely cherished every. single. moment. We spent every single day on the sand. We’d wake up, eat breakfast, and after Leo’s first nap we’d head for the surf. We’d spend a good while there and when we felt ready we’d head home and August would cook our dinner for us. We’d leisurely enjoy our meal and then to bed we went shortly thereafter. One day we took a trip away from our house and toured the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island. My kids were SO excited at all the exhibits! The girls would run from each little aquarium exhibit and admire the creatures therein. There were even sharks!! I was actually the one mostly fascinated by this one. When everyone else lost interest there I was still staring…and staring. A man a geared up in scuba suit was in the tank cleaning it WHILE all the sharks were swimming around him. YIKES!

So anyways, here are just a few shots of our trip. It was such a blessing. Such a gift. Thank you to my Savior for little interludes like that to remind me that life’s not all hard work! Thank you to my husband for providing such a beautiful vacation for his adoring family. I love you August.