dining room remodel

As many of you may know, I have been wanting to paint our dining room for a long time. When we moved in I immediately saw the potential for this place. What I did not realize was how hard or how long I’d have to wait before I could see that potential. I finally got the “umph” in me to just paint one wall at a time. If you don’t know me then know that when doing a project, I don’t like for it to take a long time. I see the vision in my head and that’s what I want to see on the walls. Immediately. It was hard to just see one wall at a time be pretty and then have the whole rest of the room in upheaval. 🙂 But I got through it and with the exception of the ceiling still needing a coat of paint everything else is finished. Here are some before and after pictures you might enjoy. I hope you think it looks better than it did!





Here’s one shot of the inside of the built in hutch. This hutch used to be an oaky color. About a year ago I painted the exterior. This is a shot to show that I finally painted the inside too.

Much brighter and cleaner.

On a side note, Leo’s room also got a mini freshening. I painted his walls with the left over trim paint I had from doing the dining room. When we first moved in I was pregnant and wanting a nursery. That nursery was brown walls with baby blue trim. Um yea. Not so nice. The walls are now a creamy white by Olympic called “milk paint.” The trim is Olympic’s ultra white. I asked for the whitest paint she could give me.



One thought on “dining room remodel

  1. Kelii! It looks SO GOOD! And the photographs are so good, too. I love the large framed fabric above the mantel… and the built in painted white inside… and the blue glass… and the green glasses inside the china cabinet :)… and of course the wreath! It all looks so so good. What a big impact and change! Leo’s room looks so charming, too. Love the pom-poms hanging on the wall and his rug! I’m so impressed. Can’t wait to see it in person. xoxo

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