Have you ever had an obsession?


This view continually stuns me. I know…I’ve posted pictures of this shot before…but really. The other evening after I had put the all three of my children in bed I went to sit out on the porch. It was a pleasant evening. Quiet. There was a distant sound of laughter coming from our neighbors house. It stirred a quietness inside as I listened to happy people around me while I stared at the glowing mountains. The kind of quietness one needs after a loud and busy day with children. This is twilight. The sun was going down and it was already hidden behind hills up the road but a majestic ray came out and hit the mountains. The skies were a dusky light purple and blue, the grassy fields a muted green, but the mountains came alive! In times like that I realize that sometimes I have my priorities all wrong. I spend my day fretting about doing laundry and getting it put away, feeding hungry mouths…lastly my own, always thinking how I wish my house was perfect and pretty. And then God silences me. I stepped outside and I felt that quiet draw and it reset my soul. “Kelli, look at how beautiful I AM.” What He tells me.

I love you my Savior.