So, I admit I have been a bit inconsistent with keeping everyone up-to-date. Much has happened in the past few months. Grace turned five and started kindergarten. I am homeschooling her. We do fun math stuff which she loves and are also working on learning to read. It really hasn’t been all that difficult like I thought it might be. She’s doing wonderfully, can write her name and count to 20 (and counting). We’re reading simple sentences like, “Pam and Liz sit on the log.” I have no idea where other kindergarteners are but Grace and I are taking small steps and I have loved having the time to sit with her, one on one, teaching her. I’ve realized something, too. I am learning new things about my little girl! I am learning what her learning styles are. I am learning that she is really good at picking math up right away, but reading is a little harder. I realized, how many parents don’t get to see this side of their child because they send them away for someone else to deal with. It is a wonderful thing and a blessing to me, her mother, to be the one with her, watching her learn first hand. Knowing exactly where she struggles and having the sensitivity to ease her through it. Life is too short to shove our kids onto someone else. Get in there with them and find the joy in getting know them a little deeper! Truly.

On a less important note but still very important to me, I finally painted the floor in the girls’ room. When we first moved in it had nasty orange shag carpeting. Neglected plastered off white (because it was so dirty)walls. I painted it a beautiful toffee yellow. Bright and cheerful. We had ripped up the carpeting but left the floor raw for a LOOOOOONNNNGGG time. I always meant to finish it but never got around to it. Well, I finally did it! The old floor is now a beautiful and crisp warm white!

Here are the before and after shots. Enjoy.







My favorite spot in their room, the reading chair.


I should really think about re-naming this blog “restoration farm house,” because that’s basically what I’ve been doing!


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