From the Mouths of Babes Mondays

This is a beautiful post. I just wanted to share it. We, as parents, are not living for just one generation as the author points out. As she loves and cherishes her family, as she and her husband are painting such a beautiful picture of God’s love for us, His children, I want others to meditate on that! Enjoy! the least of these...

This past weekend we had the joyous privilege of being part of the wedding of a dear friend and his new wife. A friend who, a year and a half ago Danny joined in a weekly let’s hit our knees and pray for a wife commitment. God brought her into his life 6 months later and this past weekend, just a year after first laying eyes on one another, they were wed….with our girls leading the way for the entrance.

Being flower girls might just have been the absolute highlight of my daughter’s first 4-6 years of existence. We eagerly planned and collected pieces of their sweet dresses and outfits.

We practiced their jobs, they solemnly performed their duties in the rehearsal and then Trinity made her fear confession…

“Mommy, I just thought of something dreadful.” (and yes, she used that exact word).

Thoughts of the bride backing out, or…

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