a few of my favorite things

Moving was crazy but now that we are settling in our new place is beginning to feel like home.  I really love it.  It’s bright, it’s clean and it’s refreshing to live where everything has been taken care of for me.  Fresh paint, check!  Dishwasher, check!  Wood floors, check!!  This is my favorite spot in the whole house.  Since it’s next to two large windows it gets a lot of natural light.  I actually need a lot of light…without itImage I get just a little bit depressed.  When the kids are napping I’ll come here to sit and catch up on some reading (now on my new kindle thanks to my awesome brother, Conner).  It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, it’s bright, and the view outside is just stunning.  Gorgeous mountains!  It makes me feel like I’m in a wild place.  Away from everything where life is still just a bit untouched by progressive society.  A big thank you to my sweet sister-in-law who found this place for us when we needed to get out of our old place quickly. 



Another one of my favorite things about our new place is having this Meyer’s Lemon tree.  A gift from my mom.  It brightens my day seeing those colorful yellow lemons!   I love the creamy walls, the rustic leather tone of the couch and the contrast of those green leaves and yellow blooms of fruit! 



This is a corner from that reading nook I love.  If you’re sitting in the comfy rattan chair this is the wall you’ll see from that point.  When our landlord redid all of the interior walls with new dry wall he could have ripped this little cubby out and closed it off.  But he left it and I’m so glad.  It’s charming.  I love having that little spot to display a few books.  The stein is an antique beer stein from Austria.  It’s perfect because it’s actually a dark blue glaze.  In case you don’t know much about me…I sort of have an innate eye for collecting dark blue things.  August chose so well when he bought that. I had to commandeer it from him.  Plus, he’s happy to have something he bought on display too. 


One last thing.  We’ve since taken our Christmas tree down but I couldn’t bring myself to take this ornament wreath down just yet.  It was something I made at a craft night with one of my friends a while back before Christmas.  It was SO much fun to make.  It’s sparkly and shimmery and it just adds enough glitter to the room that I can’t bring myself to put it away yet.  The picture is slightly off center because I wanted to show the old door knob.  All the walls have been completely redone but all the old doors with their original knobs were left in place.  I LOVE them!   This wreath hangs on a closet door just next to our couch.  I love looking at it while I’m sitting there. 

So that’s it for now!  Hope you enjoyed the little glimpse into our house! 



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