the fog is lifting?


Is the fog lifting?  Is my mind finally clearing and I’m not giving myself enough credit?  Sometimes I think we are too hard on ourselves.  Do you remember in this post I wrote about loosing my credit card twice in one month?  Well the first time I was at a take-out-window buying a much needed breakfast on the go because we were moving that day.  Yep.  Moving out of a house that had been causing harm to me physically for two years without me knowing it.  Mold.  Not black mold….but mold and mildew which I never even saw until the last month we lived there.  I blamed all of my weird symptoms on being tired and busy with three kids.  Turns out I’m stronger than that.   I was struggling because my body was dealing with something internally which was effecting me physically externally.  So that morning, as we prepared to move, I bought a chicken sandwich.  The kind window attendant handed me my card, it slipped out of my hand and fell somewhere under my driver’s seat.  Still can’t find it today nearly three months later.  So I had my husband cancel it and request a new one.  The new card came in.  During all the hub bub of Christmas shopping I must have left my wallet out for an unsuspecting little boy of mine to come along and grab.  I found my wallet, but no credit card!  Oh dear…not good.  I asked August to cancel that one too…however apparently if you request too many cancelations you get charged a fee.  So we waited.  It’ll turn up.  I mean, how far could a toddler have carried it.  I searched in laundry baskets, under beds, between the sheets, in toy boxes, under the couch, in the closet, in secret nooks and crannies….never found it.  So I decided to give it a rest.  Several weeks later I found it.  Want to know where?

In my computer’s DVD drive.  Yep, that’s right.  When a DVD would not go in my computer made a grumpy sound.  A few seconds later a paper card shot out.  How did THAT get in there?!  Instant reaction…LEO…..So I inserted the DVD again which still would not go in.  Out pops my credit card! 

Why don’t we all just give ourselves a little break?!  Pat yourself on the back and rest in the full knowledge that things are not always as bad as they seem.  It might just be a little toddler putting your credit card inside your computer’s drive. 

The fog is lifting.  I’m not as brain numb as I thought!  I’m just experiencing life with a toddler.  You can bet I’ll be more careful about leaving my wallet lying around! 



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