my little mommy moment of the day….let’s obsess over the living room layout!

I suppose you might say I’ve been constantly rearranging our living room on and off since we moved in.  It’s a bright room with lots of windows and lots of odd nooks and crannies.  I’ve had to be creative to find ways to make our furniture fit in there the way I want…but think I’ve finally done it.  The first step in this process was to extend the wall you see behind the big leather chair out a bit by adding crates stacked up on each other. This turned an unusable wall into something fashionable and it gave me more storage.  In case you don’t know (not like you really want to but I’ll tell you anyways because this is my blog!) I can’t watch TV from the couch.  Oh yea….it’s not like I’m watching tv all the time.  But it’s been a bit annoying that when the kids go to bed and I finally get a chance to sit down sometimes I enjoying watching a little something.  The current entertainment center is too big and I’ve been having to physically pull my tv out (not something you want to have to do all the time) and then set it down where I can see it.  Pretty annoying and unpleasant.  So my solution is…if I can’t find a replacement for the tv hutch…I wanted to make a little nook in front of the crate bookcase for tv viewing…haha..I feel so silly about blogging about how annoyed I am that I can’t watch TV!!  ANYWAYS…..ha…now you know my little secret! 

So, I created this nook!  That little ottoman was a little gift from my hubby and I moved the big leather chair back.  Next I plan on slip-covering it to help the chair “disappear.”  Not disappear…but it’s so huge and the contrast is so high (white walls….ox blood red chair) that it just really screams, “I’m a huge chair taking up this space!”  So, I am visualizing a natural colored slip cover that will match the ottoman.  Voila!  My little mommy moment of the day…to blog about this corner and enjoy my new seating area!  Not to mention it gives guests an extra place to sit when they visit.  It can be a little awkward if all you have is one couch….then you’re sitting there with your necks craned trying to look at each other when you talk and that can get tiring on your neck muscles!  Just sayin….:)

Did I make you feel a little more human today?  Like sometimes it’s ok to obsess over the layout of your living room until you get it right.  I say if it’s not right…go right ahead and play with your furniture until it is!  Being a stay-at-home momma….I’m looking at these spaces ALOT.  So it’s crucial for me to  make them cozy and inviting.   That’s how I want my house to be for everyone. 




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