once upon a time there were two friends, a girl and her mattress

While most other momma bears are waking from their winter long hibernation, this momma bear is finally getting her own long winter’s nap…in a beautiful, comfortable, supportive, anti-back aching, natural latex, get-a-good-nights-sleep-FINALLY, king size bed!  I can’t tell you just how long I’ve been waiting to wake up feeling rested and not sore.  One marriage and three pregnancies later and I can finally say we have a suitable room fit for a queen (or king) I should say.  Our room is far from being in complete bedroom shape just yet, but I have my mattress, I have my white organic sheets, I have my all seasons, pure wool filled comforter…but the most important thing for this momma’s mind that rests with a check completed in my very important, must have a peaceful room, box…is the headboard.  It’s not 100% done yet.  I’m waiting for Mr. APN to build me a frame then we can add the legs and the headboard will be tall and soaring…stately as it should be. But the bulk of the impact is there.  I spent one Saturday with a beautiful and sweet (and very crafty and amazing) sister-in-law and together we made our very own upholstered headboards!!  It was fun; it was not challenging.  The jig saw was not as scary as I thought.  It was actually very simple!  Just my kind of project! 

So here is my inspiration….

Restoration Hardware anyone?


Ok, I’m drooling now….

So here’s the peek….




Our mattress is currently resting on the floor….but I still wanted my headboard resting behind it…even though it’s not quite finished yet.  I love the burlap.  I love the copper nail head trim.  I love that it was so simple to create…I love that it gives a little plushness to our bed.  Eventually it will be taller! 

When all is said and done I am so grateful to my husband for giving me that Saturday to make a dream real…so grateful that God sees our hearts desires and for some reason (no matter how silly they may seem) blesses my life with those desires fulfilled.  I love that I didn’t have to break the bank to get the look I wanted!  I’m grateful for the friendship of a sweet sister in law and the fun we had making our patiently waited for headboards come to life!


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