one of those days

Today has been one of those days.  The kids are kinda whiny, the momma is kinda tired, we’re all kinda sick and or dealing with allergies.  All of those kinda make us all a little bit grumpy.  Kinda.

But besides the fact that my kids are watching Bob the Builder while I type this post because this is really a mental break for myself and it will have to be short because we’ve lost a sippy and in case you’re not familiar…usually it’s momma who has to go find it.  And we’re working on saying “please” first.  Because if you don’t…it makes momma kinda grumpy.  Kinda.

That’s why this little maple syrup jar turned vase filled with back yard flowers brightened my day!  Such beautiful little pink flowers with lime green leaves…stunning!  Just what I  needed for right now.  Medicine for the spirit.



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