a re-blog worth reading

I found this blog post inspiring.  It’s refreshing when you read or hear of someone sticking up for something good and beautiful and what should just be considered a great blessing.  Too often I have found myself in these women’s shoes.  I have three children, all close together too.  Usually when talking to people the inevitable age questions are asked, “How far apart are they?  I answer frankly and brace myself for what comes next….awkward pity.  “5, 4, and 2.5”  “Ahhh” they say, you’ve got your hands full!”  Like it’s some kind of comical joke.  Well, yes I do but don’t we all?  Don’t we all choose to busy ourselves with our goals and aspirations?  Mine just happen to be my children.  The conversations usually don’t go much farther than that…if we talk about homeschooling then they get quieter, tell them we don’t vaccinate…and then they’re looking at me like some kind of freak. 

The modern way of thinking is all about tolerance and acceptance.  Yet I’m finding we’re really only accepting and tolerating the wrong things.

Wander on over and read!





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